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Cado Wall Unit - Combine Royal with System Cado

Product design
- 23 Nov 2015 -
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Product design

I have the System Cado rails (two holes on front that uses the dowels to mount shelves and cabinets). I recently bought a wall unit that had both System Cado cabinets as well as Royal System Cado cabinets. The Royal System is usually mounted on rails that have the holes on the side instead of the front like the System Cado rails do.

Each of the Royal cabinets have a little notch cut out of the back of the cabinet and a metal L hook. It is my understanding that the original way to mount this type of cabinet is with a steel pin placed into the side holes and hook the cabinet on the pin.

My question. How can I mount a Royal cabinet onto a Cado System rail? Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have examples and/or pictures?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

shelving & storage
1960 - 1969


- 24 Nov 2015

Perhaps you could drill a hole in the side of the System Cado rail so that you can fit the Royal System pin in?

Or perhaps you could look for a shelf pin like one of these that just happens to be perfect in every way, such the you can screw it to the back of the rail, and the pin sticks out the side:

- 06 Dec 2015

I was a royal/cado dealer back in the 70's and would not mix the two systems! they are two completely different systems. you could spend a lot of time and energy trying to mate a Ford part to a Chevy and having it fall off the wall as a result!

PS I have a brand new in the original box; the CADO TV shelf with brackets in teak should you or anyone else have an interest.

Alfredo A Catani

- 17 Dec 2015

Hi, I had a question for Mr Alfredo Catani who might have an idea, since he was a dealer in Cado units, if he knows of place where to find an adapter for Hansen Guldborg wall units. I have uprights and a couple of cabinets, but no mounting hardware. I live in California and have e-mailed several mid century dealers, but nobody so far has an idea as where to find those parts. Thank you, Kay

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