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Desperately need a pull for my Børge Mogensen for Soborg Mobler secretary desk.

- 01 Apr 2016 -
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I need a pull for my teak Secretary Desk by Børge Mogensen for Soborg Mobler. Does anyone know of a source for an original or someone who could make one for me?

Desperately need a pull for my Børge Mogensen for Soborg Mobler secretary desk.
1960 - 1969


- 01 Apr 2016

Chris M,

For years I have used a retired Army armorer with and interest in pre-war trains (Marklin) and toys (Marklin). He was able to dis-assemble and clean pieces as well as fabricate an intricate part upon demand (no original to be found).

I also found a master jeweler that was able to undo a poor repair and make a small internal platinum leaf spring for a Van Cleef & Arpels baton cuff link (at least only one link was damaged). This was restoration work at it's finest.

My newest resource made a screw for a Gubelin minute repeater wristwatch. To me this is unbelievable in this day and age.

Similar to the cleaners used in New York, Paris, Milan et cetera to practice their trade on runway clothing. They may obviously be trusted to clean my textiles. Locate the people who manufacture and/or market the "finer things in life" and inquire as to who they use or suggest to maintain their products.

These trade people are usually fair priced, but have large work back-orders (others know of their skill). Best of luck in your search.

It will not be difficult.

- 01 Apr 2016

I just suggested asking søborg in the other thread, but are any of them loose such that they will come out too? That could greatly aid in getting one made.

- 01 Apr 2016

As the previous comments suggest, a good furniture restorer could fabricate a new one for you.

My old restorer was particularly gifted as he used to carve very intricate decorative work, so a door pull was a very simple request for him.

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