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Eames DCM Stain around shock mounts?

Product design
- 02 Jan 2017 -
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Product design

Hi all,

I've come across many DCM's with a square bit of stain around each of the shockmounts on the bottom of the seats. Is this something they did in the factory? Most appear to have the old style shockmounts so I'm not sure everyones repairs would be so similar.

Any thoughts?


Eames DCM Stain around shock mounts?
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- 02 Jan 2017

I'm guessing it's whatever adhesive they used to stick the shock mounts on before the screws went in---applied with broad brush, so to speak.

Some adhesives go on colorless, but if they aren't pH neutral they can discolor over time. Either the adhesive changes color, or the surface being glued changes color, or both.

- 04 Jan 2017

Thanks spanky! So the darker color isn't the actual color of the raw wood which has not been discolored by yellowing finish?

- 04 Jan 2017

I don't think so, but I'm not an expert on natural darkening of wood and why it happens. I've just seen lots of adhesive stains on wood, fabric, etc.

What you're suggesting is that the finish on the wood has kept it from darkening and also given it a yellowish cast. I am guessing the finish is just the usual varnish or lacquer. Varnish yellows with age but won't turn darker wood light, and lacquer doesn't yellow much that i know of and also won't turn dark wood light. I don't think either will keep light wood from darkening with age, at least not to the extent that you see on that chair. I think it's more likely that an adhesive was brushed on to hold the shock mounts in place prior to the base being screwed on.

- 05 Jan 2017

The dark areas have the appearance of brushwork. And I think we can say with confidence that the finish was sprayed on. Therefore, the dark areas are not finish. Adhesive would make sense to me.

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