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Eames DCM, replacement feet;

- 15 Oct 2017 -
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I am restoring an early DCM using parts from Special K Products. I ordered new Dome of Silence feet without noticing that there was a choice of stud diameters. Early DCM used an 8/32 stud. More recent production used a 1/4x20. I received the 1/4x20 feet and, having not yet realized that Special K offered a choice of studs, drilled and tapped the legs for 1/4x20. (later I contacted Special K and learned about the choice of stud sizes.) Anyway...........the drilling and tapping went fine but when I threaded the new feet onto the ends of the legs, I found that the rear feet were sitting at a completely wrong angle with respect to the floor plane. Although I had spent quite a bit of time polishing the legs, I had never noticed before that the angle at which the rear legs were cut did not match the floor plane. It appears that the rear set of legs on this DCM were welded to the seat/back assembly backwards. Has anyone heard of this manufacturing mistake in the DCM? I am thinking I will grind a new, correct angle on the rear leg ends. Re-drilling for the feet will be tricky. I believe that I will have to drill a large-diameter recess in the leg end, fill it with epoxy and then drill perpendicular to the "remodeled" leg end.

Eames DCM, replacement feet;
United States
chairs & stools
1950 - 1959

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