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Eames Repairs

Product design
- 04 Nov 2002 -
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Product design

I am trying to get two of my shock mounts re-attached to my Eames/Miller fibreglass sideshell. I would like to do the repair myself, but epoxy (araldite) and super glues are not bonding at all. Does anyone know what the name of the grey paste that they are attached with is called and where I can get hold of it (or something like it) in the UK? Many thanks for any assistance. Graeme



graeme (not verified)
- 15 Nov 2002

anyone???? help???

- 05 Apr 2004

Mine is broken too.. I need a good solution!
My DCM is still broken, I have not heard any good suggestions on how to glue the shock mounts back on -- anyone have any good solution?

- 15 Apr 2004

Eames repair
I was trying to do a similar thing myself last year. Didn't bother in the end, but this is the advice I was given by someone who had rettached shockmounts before:

Removing, Repositioning and Reattaching Shockmounts is a major undertaking.

Removing the shockmounts is usually quite easy.
1) Position the shell so you can pry the shockmounts from the shell.
2) Insert a screw into the shockmount (all the way in).
3) Use the pry end of a curved hammer to pry the shockmount from the shell, using one hand to hold the shell from moving. They usually come off pretty easy.
3.1) If the shockmount does not start to come off easily, you might want to score around the base of mount first with a sharp knife or chisel. This can be a disaster if you scratch the fiberglass. So one needs to be quite careful.

Sand and polish the shell where the shockmount was removed from. In some cases this can take a long time as some of the original shockmount adhesive actually penetrates the fiberglass surface.
It takes a lot to get to the ideal surface, you may have to have the shell re-coated with a gel-coat. If you don't care what the shell looks like on the bottom you might want to skip the re-coating process.

Here is where it gets difficult, as you will need to have a templet that will mirror the original and exact location of the shockmount location for the H bases. This took me a long time to get exactly correct and I was only successful when I located a test shell from Herman Miller that had all of the layout lines on it.

The surface must be carefully prepared: sanded with a 440 grit sand paper, only where the shockmount is to be attached. Then cleaned with denatured alcohol. Do the same with the shockmount (sand flat and clean with denatured alcohol). This process should be done before re-coating.

Using an industrial epoxy, apply per the instructions. Be careful not to use to much. Enough to reattach with a bit that oozes out to make about a 1/32" bead around the mount. I used a flexible clear, quick drying epoxy.

In my opinion, the results were excellent, but not worth all the time I put into it.

I have been told that you can send the shell to Modernica and they will replace and relocate the shockmounts for about $50.00, plus shipping. EXPENSIVE!

- 05 May 2004

I'll give that a try. Cheers

- 12 May 2004

re-veneering Eames
I'm the guy in San Francisco who's been reveneering drilled and damaged Eames pieces for dealers and collectors throughout the US and Canada for the past 8-9 years. The cost in birch, ash, or walnut is still just $100.00 + shipping and the work will be completed and returned within 48 hours. I no longer do the matching finish on these with the exception of Eames red which will be a perfect match. The new veneer work will be indistinguishable from the original Herman Miller work and all work is guaranteed. References proudly provided. Feel free to contact me through

- 24 May 2004

I think its available in the UK. thats what everyone I know has used and works great.
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- 05 Oct 2008

Eames Shock mount Replacment for DCW and Fiberglass Shells
Free advise is available for all your Eames restoration projects.
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- 06 Oct 2008

i cannot remember where i heard about the adhesive shown below--e6000--but i've heard it does the trick. if i were to attempt using it, i'd do a test run first before mucking up the shell. evidently it's available at craft stores and most likely from a variety of online suppliers.

- 06 Oct 2008

I would recommend that you contact your local 3M supplier (a global leader in the adhesive business) and inquire regarding the specific application. In other words, rubber to fiberglass, rubber to wood, etc. All epoxies are not created equal and they will be able to give you all the help you deserve. Chances are that they are the OEM suppliers to Herman Miller in the first place.

- 30 Oct 2008

Where has this forum member...
Where has this forum member been?

"posted by theartofindustry"

The web site doesn't work, and I need a person to restore an Eames Lounge chair.


- 30 Oct 2008

I've had
Not to sound too much like an advertisement, but I've had two pieces done by Alfie at Hume Modern - an Eames 670 lounges and an Eames LCW and both turned out wonderful. I tried gluing the LCW with the strongest adhesive I could find and it popped off as soon as I sat in it. I sent it to him and it's solid as a rock now.

- 31 Oct 2008

Alfi is good at fixing your ...
Alfi is good at fixing your Eames chairs and always helpful

- 01 Nov 2008

I have used the E-6000 glue for simple reattachement of shockmounts to fiberglass and so far it's worked fine.

- 04 Nov 2008

Is E6000 good for eames 670 shock mounts too?
I know it's been discussed ad nauseum,but anybody try the E 6000 on the Eames Lounge with any success?

- 18 Nov 2008

Regluing old shock mounts for Eames Lounge 670 Chairs
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- 11 Mar 2009

Fake Eames Shock Mounts
It has been brought to our attention by a number of Eames owners that so called "eames" shock mounts are being sold on ebay.
These shock mounts are made from a glossy polyurethane.
Our shock mounts are made from a durable quality neoprene with a matte look.
Don't be tricked by the price as these polyurethane mounts will quickly over stretch or tear due to the inferior properties of the material.
All our shock mount replacements come with a parts & labor warranty.
Please contact us if you have concerns or questions about your Eames furniture.

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- 14 Mar 2009

Polyurethane vs. Rubber/neoprene shock mounts
Maybe you should try these polyurethane mounts before they are criticized.
The benefits and physical properties of polyurethane far out weigh neoprene including adhesion.
Eames chair shock mounts were designed to give the resilience and flex, just as car suspension bushings work in your car.
Rubber/Neoprene will degrade over time causing the mount to fail in your car or on your chair.
Yes, you can replace your bushings in your car with another rubber mount, or you can upgrade to a polyurethane bushing which will last longer and give you the same feel from day one as it does 10 to 20 years from now not getting softer as it degrades. I think the polyurethane mounts are a excellent alternative to this ongoing problem of rubber failure.

- 25 May 2009

lcw shockmounts
I have yet to attach 2 mounts that I bought from Special K products, but I am really impressed with the quality. I have been held up by winter and indecision on how best to reveneer my LCW backs(drilled as usual). Am looking for some ash veneer. Once I obtain it I will attempt to put a new layer over the entire back. Not sure I can pull it off. I tried to just match grain and put a veneer patch at each drill spot, but looks hokey. I special ordered some epoxy from 3M after studying their product line/specs online and will use that for the shockmounts.
Anyone with experience on a reveneer?

- 25 May 2009

a good step by step with pictures for redoing your fiberglass Eames chairs. I'm not sure about the recoating part, but it seems as though the shockmount section would be very usefull. And I can't take credit for it, I found it in a thread from 3/15. Hope it helps!

- 16 May 2010

Eames fibreglass chair | shock mount replace | Video manual on Vimeo
We made a video manual you're invited to watch on Vimeo. May be it helps a little to understand how it works...

- 16 May 2010

Nice video
Very nice video, except I'm not sure I would recommend the use of acetone on the shell as that will eat away the gel coat quite rapidly.

- 16 May 2010

Poly urethane mounts?
They use poly urethane in sports cars to make it handle better and give it a stiffer ride . I don't think I want my lounge chair feeling like a corvette!

- 03 Nov 2011

eames potato chip chair
I need to have a new rubber attachment to the wooden back. I'm tired of doing it there any one in the bay area that does such repairs?

Foster Goldstrom

- 24 Mar 2012

Shock mount repair SF?
Can anyone recommend someone to replace shock mounts in the Bay Area?


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