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Hekman table tops hazing

- 17 Jul 2017 -
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We have four Hekman tables from their Copley Place Collection (photos attached). We've had them for awhile and the tops are showing hazing, fine cracking, and some light scratches.

I contacted Hekman and was told the finish is nitrocellulose lacquer.

Researching nitrocellulose lacquer on the Internet I found that it should be easy to repair, though most of the references I found had to do with musical instruments such as guitars, and the repairs were small in comparison.

I'm a pretty handy person and am thinking of doing it myself since it is just the tops that need attention. The veneers and marquetry inlays below the lacquer are undamaged.

From what I've read so far it seems that spraying a suitable lacquer/solvent mixture will cause the existing finish to soften, re-bond to the wood, eliminate the hazing and fill in the scratches at the same time. Then some polishing after it dries.

Has anyone tried this before and what was your experience?

Hekman table tops hazing
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- 17 Jul 2017

Achieving a high-gloss polish like what's on your tables requires skillful use of specialized abrasives. Spraying another coat or even straight solvent on top of existing finish may indeed re-amalgamate the lacquer somewhat, but would likely also require subsequent leveling and polishing - kind of messy and a lot of work.

I'd either hire a pro (they know all the tricks, have all the supplies, and, for a job like this, will do it at your home) or try one of the padding lacquer products like Behlen Qualasole that are formulated for just this sort of light touch-up and finish repair.

- 18 Jul 2017

I have another post which you've replied to about some koford larsen sofas. Since I'm going to talk to a high end used furniture place about selling the sofas I will ask them about someone to repair the tops of the Hekman tables. Also may talk to someone who does repairs on musical instruments to see what they suggest for the tables

And I am going to look into the Behlen Qualasole. From what I've read so far it is something I can do and may satisfy my needs. Turns out there is a local distributor practically around the corner from me.

This is a learning experience for me and I am finding it interesting. Just have to be careful I don't invest more time than things are worth or I will get what-for from my better half :-)

Thanks again.

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