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Help Mounting Kurt Ostervig Secretary Cabinet

Product design
- 21 Feb 2018 -
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Product design

Hello everyone! I recently acquired this Ostervig freestanding unit that is missing the mounting hardware for the secretary cabinet. I have searched and searched with no luck in finding pictures or information on how this particular piece hangs. The other pieces to the unit are supported by a brass rod that run the length of it from leg to leg. The secretary cabinet has no place for a brass rod to work but instead has a notched out area where the cabinet meets the leg. My guess is that there is a male version of the notch that mounts to the leg then the cabinet is sandwiched between the two legs. I hope that makes sense. I attached some pics.

I also see a lot of units with the brass “S” shaped bar at the base. The original owners said that it never had those. Do they have any structural value or just cosmetic?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me shed some light on my mounting issue.

The image of the assembled unit is borrowed and an example of how mine should look.

Help Mounting Kurt Ostervig Secretary Cabinet
1960 - 1969


- 22 Feb 2018

My guess is that there is a long bar that gets mounted to the uprights and fits into that slot on the side.

- 22 Feb 2018

The brackets help support the front of the large bottom shelf and keep the thing from racking. This is important for systems that are only shelves. With others that have case pieces, the case keeps the system from racking.

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