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Help with Rothko Painting

Product design
- 06 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

So I finally got around this weekend to my Rothko project that's been on the bad burner for a while. I've just removed all of the faded red (boy, you should've seen how blurry and washed out it was) with some paint thinner, and I need some advice from some of you design gurus.

What paint should I use to replace the red? I got a few samples made up at Home Depot yesterday, but there seemed to be a little too much gloss on the finish. I know what you're thinking, but I also got an eggshell sample, and that just seemed too matte. I've heard Sherwin and Williams is the best, but they're just a little above my budget.

Since this is a family heirloom, it's important that I get the color just right; so I thought I'd ask if anyone could help be find the right paint. Please, only helpful and constructive advice is needed.

Help with Rothko Painting


- 06 Nov 2017

One doesn't need actual paint to restore these anymore. A few colored lights, a computer, maybe some MIT/Harvard graduate studies interns, and a million or two in cash is all it takes these days.

If Rothko were alive today, he'd slit his own throat.

P.S. Next time use soy stripper, Krylon "Fusion" adheres well to any residue.

P.P.S. Or inherit an Eakins. They hold up better.

- 06 Nov 2017

I think you should glue black and white pony hide over it.

- 06 Nov 2017

Wait, is that an early (i.e. pre-suicide) Rothko??

If so, I should have added that you are obviously not only a philistine, but a general menace to advanced cultures everywhere! Probably the result of prolonged exposure to organic solvents and social media...

BTW, you did a nice job masking off the non-faded areas before stripping. Maybe you could just cut off the affected part and call it good? After all, half a Rothko is better than no Rothko at all, no?

- 07 Nov 2017

Really?! Red?

I would go with a blue of some sort, maybe robin's egg. Orange, Robin's egg, and yellow.

No doubt worth a hundred million if you go that route.

- 07 Nov 2017

2 words.

Gold Gilt.

2 more,

Aunt Mark

- 07 Nov 2017


It's enough to make a grown man cry.


Aunt Patina

- 07 Nov 2017

You'll want to make some sample boards first, just in case, but I would recommend highly-oxygenated wrist blood.

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