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Herman Miller DCM Chair in Deplorable Condition

- 24 Sep 2017 -
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My husband and I just found this extremely devastated example of the Eames for Herman Miller DCM chair. It fortunately still retains much of its label, however, the rest of the chair has seen some things. It seems as if someone had rather haphazardly attached upholstery to the seat, and the nails have rusted through the wood. The top was removed and appears to have been painted red, then reattached upside down. Someone else noted they thought it may be red aniline, but I thought that was a dye and therefore shouldn't be chipping off?

Our most pressing concern is the shock mounts that are detached from the base. We aren't sure what kind of adhesive will be the best choice to re-attach, or if there are other ways.

We are looking at all options but want to bring this poor chair back to life. It was only $15 and we wanted to save it from a chalk paint demise, as it was at an antique festival. If we can get it back as original as possible, that would be excellent. Any suggestions are very welcomed, thank you!

Herman Miller DCM Chair in Deplorable Condition
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- 24 Sep 2017

If a photo is worth a thousand words, five of them might say a lot.

- 24 Sep 2017

Sorry about that, I had selected some to upload but apparently they were not successful! I'll have some more in the comments following.

- 24 Sep 2017

As you can see here the paint(?) is peeling off like crazy. The shocks are very cracked as well.

- 24 Sep 2017

The most strange thing, to me, is the shape of the hardware itself. Clearly the screws have been tampered with. But the shock mount part of the metal has a circular shape. Which, according to this website, makes it an Evans model (which I thought were produced in California). However it clearly has a Zeeland, MI label.

Clearly, its a hot mess. That's all I know for certain!

- 24 Sep 2017

Yes, it is rather a basket case. Poor thing!

The end result of any effort to restore your chair wouldn't be worth much monetarily, but could be an enlightening experience!

That said, almost nothing is impossible if enough resources are invested and you don't have much in it so far. Realistically, if it were me and I were motivated, I'd be thinking a solid black finish on this one to mimic that available on originals of this vintage.

Detail pics of shock mounts and feet, please?

- 24 Sep 2017

tktoo, thank you for the input. Definitely considering the black finish, especially with those rusted through nails. We are looking at attempting to rejuvenate the wood first, but if that doesn't work, moving on to other choices.

I've attached some additional photos of the shocks and feet for you, hopefully this helps!

- 24 Sep 2017


Consider recovering this wounded soldier in pony skin, refinish the backside in red...and replace the shock mounts, natch.

or not,

Aunt Mark

ps and rotate the top 179 degree's.

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