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How to remove reversible doors on Vodder sideboard ?

Product design
- 14 Jul 2016 -
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Product design

I recently picked up a Vodder OS29 sideboard with the sliding front doors that reverse to black

but am having difficulty removing the doors to reverse them .

I've had numerous Danish pieces over the years with the same type of sliding doors & tried the

usual " lift & swing out " technique but didn't work . I've also tried positioning them at center

when trying to remove them & can't see any type of screws inside top of the doors .

I know there are small white plastic spring loaded pins at the top of the doors as one the doors

is damaged on the inside & one of the pins has come out .

Does any other DA member have the same sideboard model & experience on how to remove

the sliding doors ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


How to remove reversible doors on Vodder sideboard ?
shelving & storage
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- 15 Jul 2016

The method you have previously tried should work. Slide the door to the middle and then push the door up whilst pulling the bottom clear of the plastic runners. Sometimes a little wiggling and encouragement is required.

- 18 Jul 2016

Thanks for your suggestion HowardMoon, I've tried once again sliding the door to the middle
& gave it as much physical " encouragement " as I could without forcing it & risking damage
but still couldn't get the door front out . Any other suggestions ?

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