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How to repair this Danish cupboard

Interior design
- 28 Jun 2016 -
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Interior design

Recently I bought a Danish cupboard / bookcase. It is the Boligens Byggeskabe, by Börge Mogensen en Grethe Meyer. Its condition is pretty poor, as I knew before and the price was adapted to this condition.

I'd like to ask a few questions about restoring it (at least partly) to its former glory.

- the frame is from Oregon pine. But it is stained, as you can see on the picture. How should I handle this?

- the shelves are grey lacquer finish, but the lacquer has become bare at the edges. What to do with that. Should I try to lacquer it (but how)?? Or would I rather leave it as it is?

- the back is from fibreboard. This is also damaged. What to do with that? Do you advice me to replace it?

All advices are very welcome! This is my first project, so I'm really hoping you will help me.


How to repair this Danish cupboard
1950 - 1959


- 21 Sep 2016

I 've found my way in the mean time. The result is not bad, I suppose.

- 21 Sep 2016

Thank you, Leif. Next time I'm in need for advice, I will count on you...;-)

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