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Identification help to assist with repair of odd cantilevers

Product design
- 10 Feb 2018 -
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Product design

This is my first post, so please forgive any faux pas.

I picked up two upholstered cantilevers for 15 dollars on Craigslist with plans to reupholster. Once home I realized they had been altered from their original design. A plywood seat was made to fit over the cane and then upholstered very badly and with little concern for the cane or frame. Once I removed the new seat and upholstery, I found the original chair design and aesthetic to be solid, well made and attractive (for my taste) I would like to return the chair to as close to original condition as I can, but I’m having a hard time finding any examples of a Cantilever with the base facing under and forward like this. The original tag or official identification was removed when upholstered. There is a long series of identification numbers and letters that are etched into the chrome on the back of one of the base bars. The same number is on both. The hardware is not consistent. There are some 30’s or earlier era screws as well as some more recent. There were very old nails used to upholster originally and they left stains in the wood of the underside in the original seat. Over those nails were staples that seemed placed during a more recent touch up.

Essentially I would like assurance that I don’t have something precious on my hands in terms of a designer, or design, so that I can move forward with repair. I don’t want to potentially destroy or remove something that is important in the history of chair design. Which is my favorite topic :). The nail age and the marks they left in the wood, and the older original screws is what is throwing me off from narrowing down a decade. I frequently age antiques and nail hole discoloration is used often to assist.

I’ve been trying to find any single peice of information about a chair similar to this for months and this is me raising my white flag. There are 6 screw holes heartlessly drilled into the seat and I would like to fill or cover them without being detectable if possible.

Any advice or knowledge given will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Identification help to assist with repair of odd cantilevers


- 10 Feb 2018

Based on construction details these definitely look like more recent copies with modifications of what was a very popular and easy to factory produce design based on Desca chair. Look to me to be 80s or so possibly made in Asia. Don't worry about ruining value by repairing.

- 10 Feb 2018

Fantastic. Just what I wanted to hear. Thank you so much!

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