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Ingmar Relling Westnofa Chair Missing Screws

- 09 Oct 2017 -
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Anyone knows where I can get these screws? I just got a Ingmar Relling chair but it's missing a few screws on the base and I couldn't find the exact kind at my local Ace Hardware store in California. Thanks!

Ingmar Relling Westnofa Chair Missing Screws
lounge & easy chairs
1970 - 1979


- 09 Oct 2017

Yeah, those are almost certainly unique custom fasteners. I'd get out my dial calipers and poke around the McMaster-Carr site to see what might be jury rigged and put the originals on the front of the chair. Worst case, you can always through-bolt the rear to make the chair useable. A machine shop could always make accurate-enough replacements, but at a cost...

FWIW, I think what you'd need are a pair of "socket nuts" (my new nom-de-web) of the proper dimensions and a section of threaded rod to join the two.

- 11 Oct 2017

Thanks so much tktoo and minimoma for your input! Very helpful!

- 12 Oct 2017

I would look for a standoff or extension tube or something of the nature. It would need to be the right diameter and have the right internal threads for that threaded rod. Then for the screw head, I would look for a screw with the right hex head and threads to go in the other end of the extension tube.

With some luck and looking around on the internet you can cobble together those pieces. Again with luck those head diameters and tube diameters will be just right for off the shelf parts, or close enough.

If you absolutely have to, it might be possible to find thread adapters, or you can get a steel tube with the right thicknesses, and a tap set at the hardware store and cut your own thread (this is actually very easy to do).

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