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Le Corbusier chaise LC4 base frame Paint code??

- 04 Feb 2017 -
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Hi, I recently started to undergo the restoration of my Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise (stamped # 308) and was wondering if anyone knew a paint code for the base. I know it’s obviously matte black enamel, probably lacquer based. A factory Paint Code is what I need. I already attempted one local PPG distributor to match it but their machine wasn’t able to find a close match after scanning multiple samples from the original finish.

Does anyone know who currently is manufacturing these chairs for Cassina? Or who might have been around April of 1966, as my headrest had that date ink-stamped on the inside pillow.

The chaise itself is all original but pretty rough. The chrome is currently being stripping and re-dipped. I have access to a professionally booth and want to make this as authentic as I can. I also have access to a good powder coater, which is most likely the way they are coated today, but would rather bring it back to the way this was originally produced.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Le Corbusier chaise LC4 base frame Paint code??
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- 04 Feb 2017

Hi Dan.
Do I spy a mid '80's delphin grey/ black leather 635csi gift wrapped in the back round? I've owned a few.

Off topic,

Aunt Mark

ps. I suspect that yours is a 1984-1986ish. Mine were all Henna/black, except for the final model (M6, 1989). It was Cinnabar/pearl. All models equipped with a manual transmission, did a Euro delivery on all. Wish that I'd kept one or two of them. Yup.

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