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Mobilier International Eames Lounge chair sticker removal

- 22 Sep 2017 -
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Today I picked up a Mobilier International Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in cream leather / rosewood.

The backplates will have to be replaced and I'm planning to refinish the shells as well. For this I want to remove the sticker on both ottoman and chair and place them back once done. Does anyone have any previous experience with this? Should I use a solvent (if any) or heat gun treatment?

Mobilier International Eames Lounge chair sticker removal


- 22 Sep 2017

Leave them in place and mask them during treatment?

- 22 Sep 2017

Thanks - I've already considered that, however I am really looking into removing the label. I understand I can just cover and work around the sticker but it's not my preferred method.

- 23 Sep 2017

Then I would try gentle heat like from an electric hair dryer and tweezers to handle the stickers. Reattaching them would be your next challenge.

- 23 Sep 2017

What would be the benefit of removing and re-attaching the sticker? I can only imagine that it helps authenticate the chair, but once removed and re-attached, there will be evidence of the operation, and the sticker will conversely suggest that the chair is a fake.

Or is there some other reason to want to take the sticker off?

- 12 Oct 2017

Would you be so kind to post some pix of the whole chair? I've not see one made for the said company and would love to expand my knowledge. Thanks.

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