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New to repair - is this repairable?

- 08 Mar 2018 -
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Hi all,

I have never attempted to repair any furniture before, to be honest I know very little about it. I was hoping someone might be able to explain to me if this damage is repairable? Is it just a surface finish that has rubbed off? Do I need to sand the entire door to conceal it? The piece is a Nathan sideboard.

New to repair - is this repairable?
United Kingdom


- 08 Mar 2018

Looks like a tinted clear finish that has been chipped or scratched off. I think lacquer is the most commonly used finish with a tint and it looks like this when scratched off (very distinct margins). There is a way to dissolve the finish with acetone or lacquer thinner and kind of smear it around to cover the bare area. I have never had any success with this the few times I've tried it but I'm not a professional refinisher.

Don't sand the entire door, then you'll have to come up with a new finish that matches the rest of the piece! That will be much trickier than getting this one little area fixed.

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