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Original finish on a Juhl 540 dining table?

- 09 Dec 2017 -
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I have the good fortune of getting to refinish one of these, and was just curious whether anyone knows what the original finish offered by France & Son? I am guessing it was oil, but does anyone know exactly? The table I'm doing has been refinished in what looks like some kind of urethane. Highly likely I go with a pre-cat or conversion varnish, but I like to be able to consider and offer the original option to the client. Thanks.


- 09 Dec 2017

I suspect it was originally either linseed oil or a very thin coat of catalysed lacquer underneath an oil finish

- 09 Dec 2017

I don't really like using film finishes on solid wood, but this is a dining table. Waterlox is always an option, but it takes forever. Lately I have been doing a couple thin coats of pre-cat on certain Danish pieces... looks very much like a well-maintained oil finish, with all the added benefits.

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