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Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Model 20/59 Dining Table Disassembly Question

- 10 Nov 2017 -
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I've acquired this fabulous table in need of refinishing. The solid teak top stripped and sanded down beautifully. Now on to the legs. Any advice on how to take them apart at these brass ball hinges? I can't tell if they are glued in.

Also, what are the recommendations for finishing it? What was the original finish?

Grateful for any advice.


- 11 Nov 2017

If no one here has any personal input; I certainly can't be of any help, I'd suggest finding some dealers selling the table on the internet and see if you can contact them and ask.

For the most part people who are involved in this niche of design are happy to help one another, even if it's not lining their pockets.

- 11 Nov 2017

It was most likely an oil finish, with potentially a few coats of lacquer on the top. The legs and structural parts were surely just oiled, only the top would have had lacquer on, if at all.

Can't help you with the brass pieces, as I have never seen one of these in person before. You should post pictures for our entertainment value though.

- 11 Nov 2017

Thank you Kyle and Zephyr for responding. I'm attaching some photos and a crude drawing of the hinges. They are a nice design and I would assume that there is some trick to taking them apart. I've carefully pounded on the legs, to see if the pins inside the balls would just come out. Unfortunately the top and bottom hinge pins release the opposite way. When the top pin moves up to release, the bottom ball is driven up onto its pin. Not sure that I'm explaining that very well. Maybe the drawing helps.
I will try to locate and contact a dealer and see if I can get more info. I guess worst case scenario is to refinish the legs without disassembly but it sure would be easier to do them separately.
Thanks again.

- 12 Nov 2017

Another puzzle. I immediately assumed that when the brass straps were removed along with the top that the gate-legs would simply lift off the hinges, but no. I have to believe that there's some trick involved and that the original design anticipated disassembly at some future point.

- 12 Nov 2017

The design would have anticipated shipping knocked down. Disassembly if it means anything beyond that, no.

I have never had anything with these hinges, so I have not had a chance to mess with them.

- 12 Nov 2017

Is there any chance you can push the legs apart sideway, rotating the ball hinges simultaneously so the pin rotates to about a 45 degree angle and the two halves separate?

- 01 Dec 2017

Nope, no rotation possible. They are curious little buggers, these hinges.

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