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Questions regarding Classic Aeron lift/lever handle.

- 31 Jan 2018 -
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Recently I bought a secondhand Classic Aeron Chair with what the previous owner told me was a broken lift-lower lever (referring to the lever, or "handle" that's on the right-hand side of the chair that is pulled on in order to lift or lower the chair)

In its current state, the lever is still functional, albeit unsightly so I figured I would try finding a replacement part to get it fixed.

The main problem here is my lack of knowledge about these chairs, the handle that you would normally pull on isn't there and the "stem" that I assume it is attached to is supposedly broken, although the fraction looks deceptively clean leading me to suspect that maybe all I need to replace is the handle that sits at the end of the stem?

TL;DR: How should I proceed with fixing this Aeron lifting/lowering handle?

Any information on this issue would be much appreciated.


Questions regarding Classic Aeron lift/lever handle.
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- 31 Jan 2018

Hi fuu,

Your height adjustment lever should look like this. Herman Miller should be able to provide a replacement...but consider making your own (since this feature is still working. Perhaps a golf ball (painted red) with a hole drilled into...and glue.


Aunt Mark

- 31 Jan 2018

Thanks for the close-up reference pictures Mark, do you know if the handly-bit is detachable from the "stem" and if so can you confirm that mine is broken?

But yeah, I've got a few ideas of things I could do to jerry-rig it.

- 01 Feb 2018


yes, the "handly bit" seems to be I can feel an attachment point ( very small hex screw??) underneath the lever. But I'm usually wrong. And more.


Aunt Mark

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