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Refinishing Platner chairs

Product design
- 13 Sep 2017 -
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Product design

So, I have 10 early 70's Platner Chair that for some reason were painted white. The earliest memory people have of them, they were always white.

I am thinking of keeping 6 and selling 4. My questions are:

Do you think it will diminish its value if I repaint them bronze, update upholsteary, etc.

Should I keep them white, even though it is not their original color?

I guess that basically I am wondering whether it will be in detriment to do anything to them and try to make them look as good as new, even though they are vintage.

I should point out, that they paint has its defects and it is not really white, they are more of an eggshell color, and some are in pretty bad shape.

I am aware that I cannot sell them as fully vintage if I repaint them, but will also have issues with selling them white. I am a firm believer in letting the age and patina show, but also painfully aware that this chairs were never meant to be white,

Any thoughts?

Refinishing Platner chairs
chairs & stools
1970 - 1979

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