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Refinishing / cleaning up Tizio classic desk lamp

- 13 Mar 2016 -
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Hey All,

I just got two Tizio desk lamps that came from my grandmother, and I absolutely love them. A couple of quick questions I was hoping someone might have some advice on.

1. What is the best way to determine if they are pre-1993 or not?

2. Any ideas where I could get the manual in digital form? I reached out to Artemide directly, but have not heard back.

3. There are some slight knicks here and there on the arms, seems like I could use a little black fingernail polish or something (the nicks are just very small surface level), purely cosmetic, any thoughts?

4. The balance is very slightly off, putting a quarter on top of the lamp head balances it perfectly, any way to adjust the counterweight very slightly?


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- 31 Mar 2016

Hi GoldenScepter,

1. This may or may not be helpful:

If you can get your hands on this book, it includes the Tizio lamp, but I'm not sure as to what extent:

2. Here is a link to the overview, hopefully this is helpful in some regard:
(Also, see attached.)

3. You could use nail polish considering you're covering up nicks, but be sure to color match and determine matte, gloss, semi-gloss, etc.

4. I would take a look at this thread from DA regarding adjusting Tizio lamp arms:

"The pivot points between the arms are actually snap fittings. In theory, you could open these and add something that would create more friction. However, the power to the lamp runs through these points, and any foreign substance would add resistance to that electrical path - not a good solution. These lamps (especially the older ones) already have a pretty compromised electrical path. Don't make it worse" — Poach


- 31 Mar 2016


The early Tizio table lamps, similar to the current LED versions, do not have the "come-a-long" attached to the shade. This was added later when the heat at the shade became a concern.

I should mention that Atemide has many authorized dealers* and repair centers* in the North America. It is possible to pay *others to repair and or restore your lamps.

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