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Repairing a Juhl Japan settee?

- 26 Nov 2012 -
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I had the fortune to acquire this Juhl Japan seating group at an estate sale this weekend. The settee, however, needs some TLC. Some of the springs supporting the seat are falling out; I contacted a local upholsterer who specialized in MCM -- he said he's never seen springs like these before. He offered to replace the springs with webbing.

Can anyone provide any info on how I'd get this repaired? I'd rather restore the piece if possible, but I'm not sure how much replacing the springs would affect it's value. (No, I'm not selling the set, but I don't want to destroy it, either.)


- 27 Nov 2012

Nice find!

Are you sure the springs are broken? From the photos it looks like they might simply have detached from the frame.

On my similar sofa all the springs it feels (can't see) like the springs might just be screwed onto the frame.

Why don't you remove the fabric above the spring mounting points and post a photo of that here. Ideally find a spot with a spring attached adjacent to one detached/broken so we can see the problem and what it should look like. Then we can make better educated suggestions.

- 27 Nov 2012

Stapled on springs
Well, curiosity got the better of me. Flipped my sofa on its side and found a compact mirror so I could see how the springs are attached. And they are stapled on. Two narrow width thick gauge staples per spring.

So with yours, I'd see if the staples came out, or whether the springs have broken. If the staples did come out, I'd suspect a crack in the wood, which would need to be addressed before reattaching the springs. But either way, based on the photos, it looks like you still have sufficient to reattach the springs.

- 27 Nov 2012

Thanks so much for your response! I'll disassemble it and see what my springs look like. If they can be reattached, that'd be awesome.

- 27 Nov 2012

Good luck!
Seems the way to go to me too.
I must say, your setee looks to be in a terrific state!

- 27 Nov 2012

Thanks! Yeah, we were...
Thanks! Yeah, we were incredibly fortunate. It's in great shape -- other than the springs, it's just a bit dirty.

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