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Replacement pull and legs for this Børge Mogensen desk.

- 11 Oct 2015 -
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Well I have a bit of a problem here. I found this beautiful Børge Mogensen desk for a phenomenal price $250 to be exact but I'm torn on whether to purchase it. It needs work and to have the work done I'm guessing is not going to be inexpensive. I want to save the piece before the owners at the shop it's in paint it as they were discussing this while I was there. So, my question is how often do parts come on the market for this piece or does anyone have a reccomendation as to whom I could contact about restoring this piece? I'm in Ohio by the way.

Replacement pull and legs for this Børge Mogensen desk.
1950 - 1959


- 11 Oct 2015

Go buy it. You will regret it if you don't.

I am sure one of those pulls can be carved by a woodworker somewhere.

And what is going on with the legs? They look like the bottoms are crumbling rubber, which makes no sense.

- 11 Oct 2015

Someone cut the legs down and put casters on them!

- 11 Oct 2015

You could get the legs remade too.

Also, the earlier versions of these Mognesen for Søborg case pieces had beech aprons and legs with teak feet. You could get the whole bottom remade that way if you don't want to go to the expense of buying teak. The remaining legs could be made into feet:

Also, I would take a look at the inside of the apron, it might be solid teak (søborg did things like that), if it is, it is probably thick enough to carve a new pull. Or a couple lengths of it laminated together.

- 11 Oct 2015

A couple more points: it should measure 145cm tall, so you how long to get the legs made.

And if you really, really want to put it on a plinth base that was a factory option. I just think it looks bad. But if you send me the sawed off apron and legs, I will forgive you. (I have a project they would be perfect for!)

- 11 Oct 2015

One last point: the earlier style base was also done in oak and teak beech and teak or solid teak in the mid 1950s

- 11 Oct 2015

Thank you so much Leif! Great information! I think I will leave the legs the way they are for now but talked to a local furniture maker and he said he could make a new handle out of teak. I'm going to go look at the piece again on Wednesday.

- 01 Apr 2016

Picked it up today actually, took me a bit longer to decide but am glad I got it!

- 01 Apr 2016

You might also ask Søborg, which still exists, if they can make you a new handle. Maybe they have the jigs laying about. They made a LOT of those handles in the 50s and 60s . Long shot, but the worst they can say is no.

- 08 Apr 2016

That is a nice table and not in that bad condition. Price you mentioned is also very fair. Coming to the point, you can try to ask the online stores for its parts.

- 15 Apr 2016

I think the legs looks right, in the 1952 Söborg catalog the hight of a three-drawer bureau is 122cm, in the1958 catalog it's 120 cm, in the 1966 catalog it's 117cm.
How old is it?

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