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Restoration of Borge Mogensen model 3238 arm chairs (set of 5)?

- 18 May 2016 -
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I have a set of FIVE original model 3238 Borge Mogensen arm chairs. The frames are oak. The seats/backs are heavy leather with stitching and original buckles. The frames are in great condition - original finish, sturdy, and clean. The leather has suffered from years of storage in a non-climate controlled garage before I rescued the chairs. All the buckles are in good condition and the leather is intact, but is badly dried and needs to be reconditioned.

I have two questions related to the chairs:

1. What is the best way to recondition the leather?

2. How does reconditioning the leather impact the value of the chairs?

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1970 - 1979


- 18 May 2016

I have three of these chairs. I am fond of them. Photo?

I would go to your nearest leather supply house and get 100% neatsfoot oil (NOT some adulterated cocktail with a few drops of neatsfoot oil for marketing purposes). Apply liberally and repeatedly for a few weeks.

And leather is supposed to be maintained.

- 18 May 2016

Thanks @leif ericson. I am familiar with 100% pure neetsfoot oil. We use it on our saddlery but I had heard that it might rot the stitching? Any concern of that?

I recently purchased the chairs at an estate sale so I am not the one who failed to maintain them. They were in the garage (not climate controlled) and appear to have been there for quite some time before I "rescued" them. Any idea how reconditioning the leather might impact the value? I Know when we use 100% pure neetsfoot oil on saddlery, it tends to darken the leather. Does the darkened leather negatively impact the value or desirability of the chairs?

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