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Upholstery question - Jens Risom U-250 Sofa

Product design
- 18 Jul 2016 -
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Product design


Having a Risom, U-250 sofa reupholstered.

Does anyone have a photo? (cdsilva posted one from an original brochure but I can't make out the cording detail.) I want to have the cording as in the original. There is a pair for sale on Wright Now. Their photos show no cording on the seat sides. My example has cording on the sides (not original upholstery) and I have a feeling that is the way Mr. Risom designed the upholstery.

Thank you



- 02 Dec 2017

I have a U250 - the original upholstery was NOT welted - but when I had the piece reupholstered, the upholsterer added welting around the sides and across the back. I don't like it but, by the time I got it back from him it was already too late.

- 02 Dec 2017

What do you mean by "seat sides"?

Here's one that was posted on DA some years back:

I believe it's the original upholstery because the seat cushion has that look of old, compressed latex foam, but I could be wrong, of course. The sofa has some welting. These could have been done both ways and it may have had something to do with the fabric used. A thin, smooth fabric looks better with welt because very smooth fabrics show even the tiniest of ripples where fabric is eased in a seam and welt makes this less noticeable. Welt also helps to keep fabric at the edges of a cushion or on the arms from wearing out as quickly, because welt is cut on the bias which minimizes wear to any one given thread in the weave.

Bulkier fabrics don't need welt so much. The usual treatment for seams on bulky, texture-y fabrics is to topstitch the seam allowances. See photo below for an example.

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