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Where to find replacement Paul McCobb aluminum ring pulls

- 04 Sep 2012 -
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Just thought I'd ask in case anyone has suggestions. I want to put aluminum ring pulls on this Paul McCobb planner dresser. I'd love to buy Hume's, but the quote they gave me was really expensive. Is there somewhere else I might find them, or something similar?

Where to find replacement Paul McCobb aluminum ring pulls


- 04 Sep 2012

I just
had a run of them made. They are spot on. Have more than I need. Bill

- 05 Sep 2012

Round McCobb pulls
I need 2 round pulls that seem to match your picture.
The size is approx. 1 3/16 inch.

If you still have a couple, please let me know the price.


- 08 Sep 2012

Round McCobb pulls
Thanks for your reply.

- 15 Nov 2012

I'd buy some!
If you have any extra, I'd buy some. I got a quote from humemodern and I thought they were out of their minds. I need only two.

- 17 Nov 2012

I found...
a website that makes re-pops. I got a quote for 6 ring pulls and it was nearly $400. Which is completely insane. Maybe some will pop up on ebay?

- 26 Feb 2013

Pulls for Planner desk
Hi Glassartist,
I just scored a McCobb Planner desk and it has round brass balls (replacement?) knobs on the two drawers and I was wondering if you still have any of your ring pulls left ?

- 26 Feb 2013

Me too
Need one pull for a McCobb desk Connoisseur collection. See photo.

- 26 Feb 2013

I have to find them as I recently moved but I do have them. Leave e-mail.
Sorry Diors, I dont have the ball pulls, just rings.

- 27 Feb 2013

Well played Mark!
I've found clamps are equally effective without the permanence.

- 27 Feb 2013

Pulls for Planner desk
Thanks Glassartist I'm glad that you still have a few.

- 13 Mar 2013

Pulls for Paul Mccobb Desk
Hi Glassartist,

I am new to this forum. Like a previous poster, I also am interested in 2 ring pulls for my Planner Desk. I was wondering if you still have any available.

Thank you,


- 27 Mar 2013

I sent you an e-mail. Perhaps it went to your junk folder.

- 27 Mar 2013

McCobb Pulls
Hi glassartist,

I'm also interested in purchasing ring pulls.

- 11 Jul 2013

McCobb ring pulls
Looking for 9 or 10 of them. Still have any to sell?

Thank You,


- 19 Feb 2014

Paul McCobb Drawer Pull
I am looking for 6 ring pulls. Any chance you have some?

- 21 Mar 2014

To Bill - Aluminum Pulls
Do you have 6-12 of the aluminum ring pulls you had made that are still available. If so how much are they.

- 30 Mar 2014

do you have any more aluminum ring pulls?
I would love to buy 12 aluminum ring pulls for a paul mccobb dresser. Do you still have any? How much are they? (The pulls I found so far are too expensive at $70 a piece.)

Thank you.


- 05 Apr 2014

interest in purchasing ring pulls

I am not sure if you got my last message about my interest in purchasing 12 aluminum ring pulls from you. Do you still have any to sell?

Thank you.


- 05 Apr 2014

just saw your response. . .
so sorry but missed your earlier response.

thank you!


- 09 Jun 2014

Ring pulls
Hi we need 8 Paul McCobb style ring pulls for a credenza. Do you have any available? If so, what is your price?
Thanks for your help,

- 16 Jun 2014

Ring pulls
Very interested in 2 ring pulls. If they're still available, can you please email a quote to ---? Thanks!

- 10 Aug 2014

Ring pulls

Do you happen to still have 4 Mccobb ring pulls available? If so, please contact me at ---.


- 11 Aug 2014

paul mcCobb aluminum ring pulls
Do you still have ring pulls from the run of them that you had manufactured? Thanks.

- 22 Dec 2014

I just bought a planner group desk that was missing one pull. Glassartist... do you still have any for sale? Please email me at weschilders (at)

- 17 Oct 2015

Hello do you still have pulls available? I actually am looking for the golf tee style ones versus the ring ones, but either would be an improvement. What are your prices? email me at manueledanroth at comcast . net

- 04 Feb 2016

I need one aluminum pull for a McCobb desk. Do you still have any?

- 18 Mar 2016

Are any 1 3/16" aluminum ring pulls still available? I desperately need two. Please let me know...
jeannekennedyatkins at

- 30 Mar 2016

Looking for Paul McCobb jewelry box pulls AND can anyone tell me the value of my piece sitting on a Paul McCobb stand that I can not locate. Thank you so much!

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