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leather treatment for mole chair

- 05 Dec 2017 -
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hi all,

sorry but put this in the wrong thread (general discussion) and am hoping that that's why no one has replied yet.

here's the original post:

hi all,

so i picked up this beautiful, but kind of beaten up, mole chair.

does anyone have any advice on how to restore the leather to something like it's former glory.

having read other threads on leather treatment on this site i see that it really depends on the original treatment for the leather so does anyone know what treatment was used on these chairs and what would be the best approach?

i'm not looking to make it perfect but just spruce it up a bit :)

thanks in advance for any help !



i've bought a leather cleaner and protection package (meguiar's) which i'm hoping might help with the dirt but i'm particularly concerned about one spot where the leather is so worn there's no longer any protection at all on the surface ... not sure how to approach this.

thanks as always !


leather treatment for mole chair
lounge & easy chairs
1950 - 1959

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