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repairing the weave on a Johannes Hansen chair.

- 07 Jan 2018 -
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"I am a chair seat weaver in North East, USA. I just had a customer bring a "The Chair" with the Johannes Hansen stamp on it. I was doing a search to see if this weave pattern was the original, and it is. The cane weave is now broken and they want it replaced. My question is, if I reweave it, will it loose the value. And, i could probably figure out the pattern to reweave, but if there are step by step directions that would be so helpful. Thank for your help. Vikki"

repairing the weave on a Johannes Hansen chair.


- 07 Jan 2018


Devaluation is moot. The chair needs therapy. I happen to like vintage weave married to a properly repaired weave. In fact...I like that combo more than all new weave. Regardless, the chair really isn't a chair if it is not functional as a chair. And I'd like to see the repair... on your chair..if that's cool.


Aunt Mark

- 07 Jan 2018

Photos of condition would help, but I would investigate replacing broken strands.

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