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Help with original(or not) Panton S chair and table set?.......
by wilmington
Normal topic 4 02 Oct 2017
by nodeas
Falcon Chair Leg
by chrisje
Normal topic 11 30 Sep 2017
by leif ericson
Accessory Furniture
by watson
Normal topic 0 29 Sep 2017
by watson
for sale legs for a falcon chair
by jnw
Hot topic 29 29 Sep 2017
by Mattcrockett
Considering a butterfly chair
by bookish53
Normal topic 1 27 Sep 2017
by spanky
Fritz Hansen Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair
by neilakee
Hot topic 17 26 Sep 2017
by Herringbone
Shipping to Australia
by Xavier
Normal topic 6 24 Sep 2017
by Xavier
Rasmus Danish furniture. Looking for any info
by Cornaroy
Normal topic 3 23 Sep 2017
by Cornaroy
The last thing you acquired #52
by spanky
Hot topic 110 22 Sep 2017
by rich6705
Chair id help
by cheesedanish
Normal topic 1 21 Sep 2017
by wesemael
Eames DCM Strange Brew
by MAk
Normal topic 1 18 Sep 2017
by cdsilva
Magazine "Design from Scandinavia"
by Ernest Rams
Normal topic 0 17 Sep 2017
by Ernest Rams
Finn Juhl jupiter chair
by Ernest Rams
Normal topic 3 17 Sep 2017
by Ernest Rams
help identifying maker's mark
by bumbleboy
Normal topic 6 17 Sep 2017
by spanky
Credenza issues, woodies advice sought
by glassartist
Hot topic 60 17 Sep 2017
by SDR
Help ID-ing Designer- John Stuart Teak Coffee Table
by hs_sf
Normal topic 6 16 Sep 2017
by parafo
Goodbye fellow design addicts!
by Patrick and Alix
Hot topic 20 21 Sep 2017
by Riki
ID: Sofa - Kurt Østervig? Ludvig Pontoppidan?
by Theman
Normal topic 1 13 Sep 2017
by leif ericson
Did DWR ever sell a geniune LC4?
by sammyman
Normal topic 14 12 Sep 2017
by minimoma
1950s German sideboard????
Normal topic 4 11 Sep 2017
by MarkScandi
Ideas about this sideboard?
by MarkScandi
Normal topic 8 10 Sep 2017
by Mark
Design newbie--"Made in Yugoslavia" stamp
by maria68
Normal topic 2 10 Sep 2017
by Herringbone
Furniture from Eucalyptus wood?
Normal topic 2 09 Sep 2017
by leif ericson
Midcentury house "smell"
by midwest midcentury
Normal topic 13 09 Sep 2017
by SDR
10 best freemium prototype tools for web designers
by jason calacanis
Normal topic 0 06 Feb 2018
by jason calacanis
ekornes chair parts; Modern Danish chair parts
by privatear2001
Hot topic 17 07 Sep 2017
by Stressless
Help dating Knoll Intl. Pedestal desk
by billyboy
Hot topic 15 07 Sep 2017
by billyboy
Platform Bed
by anonymous (not verified)
Hot topic 160 07 Sep 2017
by mariajohnson245
DrPoulet's home tour
by DrPoulet
Hot topic 23 06 Sep 2017
by Kyle Barrett
Any suggestions on "Furniture stores" to carry my furniture line?
by FlavioLA
Normal topic 5 06 Sep 2017
by comfufurniture
Aj visor floor lamp
by stevieg
Normal topic 4 05 Sep 2017
by DrPoulet
Arne Vodder
by Simonetta Fraquelli
Normal topic 1 04 Sep 2017
by Herringbone
cushions for my Grete Jalk lounge chairs
by bj
Normal topic 8 03 Sep 2017
by staceyneil
france and son sofa ... have you seen this model
by LCA
Hot topic 20 02 Sep 2017
by Herringbone
2nd generation Eames armchairs?
by Redandyellowcametobe
Normal topic 0 02 Sep 2017
by Redandyellowcametobe
How to mount a KAI KRISTIANSEN Wall Unit?
by stevemcgee99
Normal topic 7 31 Aug 2017
by Zephyr
ICF Produced Eames Aluminium Chairs
by HowardMoon
Hot topic 26 30 Aug 2017
by bjoernaltmann
Hans Brattrud Scandia Authentification / ca 1965
by Arnauddeux
Normal topic 0 30 Aug 2017
by Arnauddeux
In case you ever wondered what a...(Wegner Papa Bear)
by My Panton Home
Normal topic 10 29 Aug 2017
by leif ericson
Pricing a second hand design Sofa for sale
by DavidMunoz
Normal topic 2 28 Aug 2017
by DavidMunoz
Looking for info. about "JG Furniture Company, Inc." NYC
by dcolman
Normal topic 2 28 Aug 2017
by leif ericson
Two Trick Puzzle Pieces or the Portmanteau of Poul Hundevad & Co
by leif ericson
Hot topic 29 26 Aug 2017
by leif ericson
Identifying authentic Johannes Hansen chair
by kavalas7
Normal topic 12 26 Aug 2017
by Mark
About a new website to share your collection - what do you think about it ?
by Voyageur
Normal topic 0 25 Aug 2017
by Voyageur
Peter Lovig coffee table with unsual screws?
by Ernest Rams
Normal topic 0 25 Aug 2017
by Ernest Rams
Please help me identify a desk
by BXO
Normal topic 1 25 Aug 2017
by leif ericson
Identifying Authentic Womb Chair
by setho212
Normal topic 5 24 Aug 2017
by Mark
What Should I use to Explain Good Design to Clients That Dont Get It?
by designFreak5
Normal topic 1 24 Aug 2017
by Mark
Jack Lenor Larsen fabric
by Vintage Rod
Normal topic 1 23 Aug 2017
by spanky
Mogens Koch Safari Chair ?
by Dalloway
Hot topic 21 23 Aug 2017
by Dalloway