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Repairing plastic shell of a Charles Pollock for Knoll Chair
by riomx
Normal topic 2 13 Dec 2010
by riomx
Mies MR 10 side chairs-- practical to restore?
by william-holden-...
Normal topic 5 05 Oct 2014
by Pegboard Modern
Repair or replace vinyl on a Thonet?
by hhardison
Normal topic 1 02 Nov 2010
by pod20
repairing this chest of drawers
by pugwashed
Normal topic 6 29 Oct 2010
by machupicchu
Restoration of Boomerang Chair
by Jonah
Normal topic 2 20 Oct 2010
by isaia (FR)
Bertoia pad refoam?
by SX-70
Hot topic 31 04 Oct 2014
by SX-70
Excellent step by step photos of a full Eames 670 restoration
by Tulipman
Normal topic 13 16 Jul 2010
by mpfc
repairing Eames La Fonda Chair
by rrcompton
Normal topic 3 12 Jul 2010
by demp945
Bringing some life back to Joe Colombo Boby Cart
by J.J.
Normal topic 9 27 Oct 2014
by ball
Repairing the cushion on an Eames lounge chair
by Bex
Normal topic 2 11 Jun 2010
by Tulipman
chair restoration/paint removal
by shipwright (UK)
Normal topic 3 03 Jun 2010
by hudsonhonu (USA)
Veneer repair
by Lunchbox
Hot topic 22 29 May 2010
by fastfwd
Eames Chair Repair
by Miriam R Herron
Normal topic 2 12 May 2010
by Miriam R Herron
Broken Arm on Eames Lounge Chair
by nygrl
Hot topic 24 03 Oct 2014
by whitespike
Jacobsen Swan chair. Is satisfactory repair possible?
by apollo
Hot topic 26 20 Apr 2010
by miko
Eames Aluminium Group EA124
by Pascal_be
Normal topic 7 03 Oct 2014
by pod20
Bakelite/Catalin Repair?
by fastfwd
Hot topic 47 19 Feb 2010
by mike.poller
Danish Uldum chair repair
by abaco
Normal topic 3 21 Jan 2010
by jesgord
Bertoia diamond chair repair
by Cream and Chrome
Normal topic 6 04 Oct 2014
by Cream and Chrome
Wegner Rocker - woodwork/restoration advice?
by LuciferSum
Hot topic 20 28 Oct 2009
by LuciferSum
When repairs are more than item is worth
by Riki
Normal topic 14 24 Oct 2009
by Starter
So, where can I learn about refinishing and restoration?
by mjf451
Normal topic 5 12 Oct 2009
by joeninety
Eames Lounge Chair Busted...Need Ideas. Help!
by jbnickovich
Hot topic 24 03 Oct 2014
by woodywood
Eames 'Bikini' Chair Bent Frame - Repair Suggestions/ID / Value?
by Colorado Furn Fan
Normal topic 3 05 Sep 2009
by Ken88
Cane repair / restoration
by Brent
Normal topic 3 02 Aug 2009
by LuciferSum
Repairing Ekstrom lamino lounge chair
by Bri
Normal topic 5 27 Oct 2014
by Bri
Eames 670 cushion repair ?
by rosewood
Normal topic 3 25 Jul 2009
by Tulipman
Okay,so I'm starting my Eames lounge repair today-Argh!!
by Tulipman
Normal topic 6 14 Jul 2009
by Tulipman
herman miller , knoll vintage repair and parts resource.......
by chewbacca rug (USA)
Normal topic 2 21 Mar 2009
by Modern Love
Laquer repair for Paulin Desk
by benedicth
Normal topic 4 28 Feb 2009
by SDR
Tulip restoration...
by J.J. (FIN)
Normal topic 7 24 Dec 2008
by J.J. (FIN)
Vintage woven "string" chair restoration
by holcombstudio (USA)
Normal topic 2 10 Dec 2008
by SDR
Need help repairing lounge chair
by jaxon1390
Normal topic 5 15 Oct 2008
by jaxon1390
Finn Juhl chair restoration photo essay
by Heath
Normal topic 10 06 Jul 2008
by SDR
Danish Desk Restoration
by Sound And Design
Normal topic 9 16 Jun 2008
by Sound And Design
Repair of plywood on Plycraft lounge chair + ottoman
by Eventually
Normal topic 3 05 Jun 2008
by SDR
Know any good restoration people
by brownshoe
Normal topic 1 04 Jun 2008
by whitespike
Djinn chair restoration photo essay
by Heath
Normal topic 3 01 Jun 2008
by Heath
Eames fiberglass shell chairs- restoration?
by Art
Normal topic 1 16 May 2008
by claus (DE)
Should I buy this is it possible to repair (Finn Juhl).
by pee_king
Normal topic 13 29 Apr 2008
by sharplinesoldtimes
It is possible to repair a blemish on a Kartell polycarbonate ?
by cwoo
Normal topic 2 21 Apr 2008
by SDR
Eames DCM Repair ... Los Angeles Resources?
by prefab1999
Normal topic 3 29 Mar 2008
by LRF
hume modern furniture restoration does AMAZING work.
by edb
Normal topic 10 08 Mar 2008
by LRF
Has anyone EVER successfully repaired shockmounts on their own?
by cwoo
Normal topic 11 31 Jan 2008
by cwoo
Repairing rip in fabric of chair...
by Cloudburst2000
Normal topic 9 30 Jan 2008
by Cloudburst2000
DCM Repair
by Nate
Hot topic 24 24 Dec 2007
by SDR
Chrome Repair?
by Nate
Normal topic 13 22 Dec 2007
by Nate
repairing vintage eames screen hinges
by modernisbetter
Normal topic 1 24 Oct 2007
by barrympls
Ever repaired saarinen tulip chairs?
by ~L
Normal topic 6 10 Sep 2007
by nineteen56
Another Saarinen tulip repair question
by Fungus Mungus (USA)
Normal topic 7 05 Sep 2007
by James Collins