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Repairing series 7's
by NickR6TY
Normal topic 1 27 Aug 2007
by SDR
Repairing cracked fiberglass on Knoll Saarinen tulip chair?
by Fungus Mungus (USA)
Normal topic 2 18 Jul 2007
by Tulipman
Eames aluminim restoration
by rustynuts
Hot topic 17 29 Jun 2007
by rustynuts
plycraft 670 eames copy - restoration
by twopenz
Normal topic 1 26 May 2007
by LRF
Repair: Eames RAR
by Mohan
Normal topic 1 15 May 2007
by LRF
Ernest Race BA Chair restoration - tech help!
by paulanna (UK)
Normal topic 1 05 May 2007
by koen
Question on repairing a plastic eames chair...
by Dr_Pepper105
Normal topic 1 14 Mar 2007
by LRF
Bertoia Bird Chair Foam and Cover Help!
by Launchpadlondon
Normal topic 3 04 Oct 2014
by kixrix
Is there any way to fix broken art glass?
by dcwilson
Normal topic 6 22 Oct 2006
by koen
Complete restoration of an Eames 670
by ChrisThomas
Normal topic 8 22 Aug 2006
by spanky1
Eames, HM, Vitra spares and repairs
by baked
Normal topic 1 08 May 2006
by sharplinesoldtimes
Lightolier Lamp Restoration in Los Angeles
by muzeon
Normal topic 2 16 Apr 2006
by ChicagoGuy
Eames Lounge Chair repair...
by pod20
Normal topic 5 04 Apr 2006
by Knollitall
Eames Softpad Sofa Repair
by Swank
Normal topic 2 23 Dec 2005
by Swank
Restoration of Eames aluminum group chair
by anonymous (not verified)
Normal topic 2 04 Dec 2005
by mrsantos
Repair of eames lounge and ottoman. Would it make the set less collectable?
by kolecho
Hot topic 56 03 Aug 2005
by Alfie
Who repairs G.Nelson bubble lamps??
by robvolz
Hot topic 85 24 Mar 2005
by whitespike
noguchi repair question
by Elizabeth deL. B.
Normal topic 1 30 Jan 2005
by SDR
fix bent ply
by Brandon
Normal topic 9 25 Oct 2004
by asbjorncopenhagen
How-to repair Heman-Miller Eames DCM
by End User
Normal topic 3 08 Mar 2004
by b
Eames Arm Shell Chair Restoration?
by stecks77
Normal topic 7 25 Feb 2004
by Larry
Plastic repair question
by cwoo
Normal topic 2 11 Feb 2004
by cwoo
jacobsen egg chair restoration details
by tarby
Normal topic 3 14 Jan 2004
by tarby
Oh no! Repair broken plate
by DavidDC
Normal topic 1 12 Jan 2004
by azurechicken (USA)
Repairing Barcelona
by anonymous (not verified)
Normal topic 5 16 Dec 2003
by Quint anonymous (not verified)
Help needed to repair bombo chairs
by anonymous (not verified)
Normal topic 1 01 Aug 2003
by anonymous (not verified)
Repairing the world
by LRF
Normal topic 0 03 Aug 2007
by DA
Repairing Eames upholstery on shell
by huancp
Normal topic 0 13 Dec 2012
by DA
Does anyone know how to fix my Nelson Chronopak base?
by nycdavd
Normal topic 0 18 May 2014
by DA
eames veneer restoration dcm,dcw,lcm,lcw
by charlesandray
Normal topic 0 17 Mar 2009
by DA
repairing butterfly chair (jacobsen)
by anonymous (not verified)
Normal topic 0 16 Oct 2003
by DA
Eames Lounge Chair Restoration
by Silverback
Normal topic 0 02 Nov 2006
by Silverback
Repair with Gorilla Glue
by Cats Paw
Normal topic 0 06 Apr 2013
by DA
Knoll Pollock Button Repair
by index1489
Normal topic 0 10 Mar 2012
by DA
Polishing (all) and repairing (one) Krueger fiberglass shell chairs
by riomx
Normal topic 0 28 Dec 2010
by DA
George Nelson Ball Lamp Repairs?
by brucealeksander...
Normal topic 0 18 Dec 2001
by DA
Omann Jun credenza 18 repair
by Stephie07
Normal topic 0 27 Feb 2013
by DA
Eames restoration: Messberg designer
by KurtMA
Normal topic 0 07 Jun 2005
by DA
strap repair and cushion replacement
by scottyp
Normal topic 0 05 Apr 2004
by DA
PK22 restoration help wanted
by chairtom
Normal topic 0 20 Nov 2006
by DA
Eames shock mount repair in Toronto/close by?
by bubs
Normal topic 0 31 May 2010
by DA
Warren Platner lounge chair Knoll restoration issues. Help?
by ricrite
Normal topic 0 17 Apr 2013
by DA
Ekornes chir repair
by disassemble
Normal topic 0 06 Oct 2009
by DA
Wassily Repair Question
by Marsh
Normal topic 0 27 Feb 2005
by DA
Repair of alarmclock Italora Sandwich
by dmfuchs
Normal topic 0 06 Jun 2008
by DA
Bikini Repair?
by Colorado Furn Fan
Normal topic 0 25 Jul 2009
by DA
Burke chairs restoration help please?
by Chris M.
Normal topic 0 01 Apr 2011
by DA
repairing Mourgue
by beausire-8
Normal topic 0 07 Mar 2012
by DA
Lightolier Lytegem repair?
by scoutshouse
Normal topic 0 02 Aug 2011
by DA
how plywood of a 3107 chair
by frank
Normal topic 0 25 Feb 2004
by DA