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Karpen Chairs Upholstery Advice.
by mgee76
Hot topic 29 09 Sep 2016
by Midcent1
George Mulhauser Plycraft lounge chair
by ZooMob
Normal topic 5 08 Sep 2016
by tktoo
Fixing pirelli webbing
by bj
Normal topic 4 08 Sep 2016
by bj
"Dry" Spots After Oiling Rosewood Skovby Dining Table
by dagonpaul
Hot topic 26 06 Sep 2016
by dagonpaul
Eames DCM Replacement Seat back
by jtreu
Normal topic 1 05 Sep 2016
by niceguy
Danny Ho Fung sling chair restoration
by libramobler
Normal topic 1 04 Sep 2016
by Mark
best black lacquer technic
by setag
Hot topic 27 02 Sep 2016
by Floating Piano ...
Ebonized Lounge, upholstery suggestions
by Zephyr
Normal topic 11 30 Aug 2016
by spanky
Replacing Cord on Danish Side Chairs - 2nd edition
by marie
Hot topic 129 28 Aug 2016
by spanky
Advice on replacing cushion material & cleaning original fabric
by emsy84
Hot topic 18 27 Aug 2016
by Mark
Looking for the screw for Grete Jalk for France & Son lounge chair
by LucD
Normal topic 4 24 Aug 2016
by tktoo
hope for Ingmar Relling sling chair?
by moloko
Normal topic 1 21 Aug 2016
by spanky
Eames 670 and 671 Upholstery Question.
by Swagger XC
Normal topic 1 20 Aug 2016
by fastfwd
H.W. Klein re-upholstery
by libramobler
Normal topic 4 19 Aug 2016
by libramobler
Help For A Hans Wegner CH-30 Chair Repair
by canuckbri
Normal topic 5 16 Aug 2016
by cdsilva
Greta Grossman Grasshoper Floor Lamp Shade replacement
by EpocaModerna
Normal topic 2 15 Aug 2016
by EpocaModerna
Help for Classic Saarinen Knoll Tulip Tables and Chair restoration (c. 1960)
by Yasmin Adib
Normal topic 0 15 Aug 2016
by Yasmin Adib
Help with MCM dining chair repair of basket weaving spindle.
by jay_hawn
Normal topic 1 14 Aug 2016
by spanky
repair questions-DUX lounge chair
by OregonPicker
Normal topic 4 12 Aug 2016
by libramobler
Vico Magistretti/Arcadia table refinish
by joshuasowen
Normal topic 5 12 Aug 2016
by sirlampsalot
Rope for Hans Wegner flag halyard chair
by furnituregirl
Normal topic 2 10 Aug 2016
by JKN
Webbing fixing for Dux chair
by dawn1944
Normal topic 0 09 Aug 2016
by dawn1944
DIY Repair to water stain on teak (oiled?) dresser (pictures shown)
by dr_ginnire
Normal topic 8 09 Aug 2016
by mgee76
upholstery advice jens risom c 106 arm chair
by paintchio
Normal topic 4 08 Aug 2016
by Emcee M
Eames Lounge Chair- Resurrect or Part Out?
by Lowe9
Normal topic 6 05 Aug 2016
by ClaudiaTrapholtDK
Jens Risom Sofa, U-250
by century20modern
Normal topic 0 02 Aug 2016
by century20modern
Help/advice w/ an Edward Wormley table
by Jerrywc
Normal topic 6 02 Aug 2016
by spanky
How to remove paint from a Nelson Bubble lamp?
by NicolasGlenn
Normal topic 9 21 Jul 2016
by Eameshead
Foam thickness on a teak armchair (ID)
by vintagestique
Normal topic 3 20 Jul 2016
by LCA
Help rescue Arne Hovmand Olsen chairs!
by del
Normal topic 11 18 Jul 2016
by modernefamilie
Woodworkers alert! Bended Moller Table..
by bj
Normal topic 1 18 Jul 2016
by leif ericson
How to remove reversible doors on Vodder sideboard ?
by Mid-Centurian
Normal topic 2 18 Jul 2016
by Mid-Centurian
Danish cording on these chairs?
by Watsonette
Hot topic 18 16 Jul 2016
by leif ericson
Eames Zenith Armshells...1st gen
by clayboard
Normal topic 2 16 Jul 2016
by Eameshead
Help picking out leather hide for 2nd gen Eames Lounge Chair for reupholstry
by difeliciantonio
Normal topic 2 09 Jul 2016
by difeliciantonio
Help needed... Sanded through the veneer :(
by DrPoulet
Normal topic 7 07 Jul 2016
by mgee76
What Leather for JH503 Wegner Chair
by vgm23
Hot topic 17 06 Jul 2016
by vgm23
Replacing Cord on Danish Side Chairs
by tchp
Hot topic 173 05 Jul 2016
by allybeag
Cado wall rail jig
by klc0715
Hot topic 35 28 Jun 2016
by dougk
Question about Kvadrat Upholstery
by tchp
Hot topic 16 20 Jun 2016
by swedane
Finn Juhl ottomans
by DrPoulet
Hot topic 15 18 Jun 2016
by spanky
Refinishing/re-upholstering Eric Buch Model 49 Teak Chairs
by mtd240
Normal topic 7 16 Jun 2016
by spanky
Junghans mash-up
by bj
Normal topic 6 06 Feb 2018
by SDR
Hans Wegner W2 Chairs... re-cane or upholster?
by staceyneil
Normal topic 4 12 Jun 2016
by leif ericson
Restoring Kimball planter
by 2ndGen
Normal topic 0 09 Jun 2016
by 2ndGen
Early Evans Produced 4 Eames LCW Chairs Restoration Help!
by mdspirit
Normal topic 7 01 Jun 2016
by spanky
How to remove these stains on Eames shell chair?
by l1flafly
Normal topic 2 01 Jun 2016
by sennal99
Arne Jacobsen Mosquito chair refinish/repair
by terryt
Normal topic 8 01 Jun 2016
by terryt
How to clear coat/polish my Eames arm chair?
by sennal99
Normal topic 0 30 May 2016
by sennal99
Eames Shock Mounts (again!)
by PomDownUnder
Normal topic 1 29 May 2016
by tktoo