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Advice for your Aunt Mark.

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- 15 Jul 2015 -
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What does this label say? The dealer told me that the rug was 40 years old, and made in India.


Your Aunt Mark

Advice for your Aunt Mark.


- 15 Jul 2015

Protected Against Moths by Mitin

It also seems to say Genuine Swiss Knotted, which makes it sound Swiss made.

- 16 Jul 2015

It might also be made in India using a Swiss method of weaving, though.

I love the color!

- 16 Jul 2015

From here I'm inclined to change the white lamp globes to green ones, and maybe repaint the fireplace wall?
Think about how to unify the spot, and bring all the colors together...

- 17 Jul 2015

Why thanks all!

Canned ham and pickled egg's will be served with highballs tonight. Order up, my tab. Thank you spanky! And object, I am a proponent of chalky white walls, and I'm bored with accent I re-arranged some chairs to soften the zone (as snapped). Vodka is my best friend. I wore pink.


Your Aunt Mark


I'll swap out the white globes for green if someone will swap out my dining table for a pool table. I have a stick.

- 17 Jul 2015


I also have a stick. This stick does not require a pool table and only is shown to those who do appreciate or understand the carrot.

The Dennis Foley (former Director of Furniture Sector Design and Strategy for Herman Miller) Manhattan pool table for Brunswick is the best production modern pool table I have seen.

- 17 Jul 2015

nice adjustment /better angle

pool tables are too darned heavy

I think you should cover the walls in green fur

- 18 Jul 2015


is that a haiku?

or have haikus jumped the carp?

soiled green fur is fine

anything but vertical succulent walls

mark can get away with anything though

hi mark. that carp is off topic

but I like it

my beige cat says hi

- 18 Jul 2015

Why thanks again to all! And my best to your lovely big beige boy, Eameshead. I named the fish Henry Limpet. Tastes like chicken.


Old Mark

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