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Attention. This is a test!

Off topic
- 22 Sep 2014 -
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This is only a test. Do not adjust your monitor.  Viewer discression is advised.  Repeat.  This is only a test.  In the event of an actual fashion emergency, you would be directed as to how to attire yourselves, and head for the nearest  exit.  Repeat, this is only a test.  Additional charges may apply, see your dealer for details.




Aunt Mark






- 23 Sep 2014

Aaak !


Thank heaven the picture isn't any larger . . . !


I have to sit down now.  (Throw a blanket over it, or maybe an original Gee's Bend quilt ?) (Or two.)


Love (anyway), Steve

- 23 Sep 2014

SDR, you could simply click on Mark's "test" photo and make it TWICE the size.

Go ahead, do it!  After all, it's just a test.

Dont be scared. It's only Mark.

And I agree with you SDR, this type is ridiculously thin.

And ADS need a place to hide. (I cant find much on here anymore, but I am running into ads constantly. 

I know, I know....

- 23 Sep 2014


Why did you make me do that ?  Now I'll have to go to the eye doctor for a general cleansing . . .


I wasn't the one who complained about the weight of the type -- just the size.  I know, they're

related . . .    And the ads don't bother me at all.  Someone has to pay the rent so we can play

-- and really, they're light in visual weight, aren't they ?  Besides, I could look at that Ssense model

for quite a while, yet . . .


So, smart guy, what do you say about the little word-balloons on the index page ?  



- 23 Sep 2014

WORD BALLOONS?  I would first have to find the index page before I could comment on word balloons.

Seriously, I understand about the need for ads, and the site looks wonderful, and I am sure I will get used to the new digs. (In about 6 or 8 months)

I do love the idea of easier image posting!  

Who knows? Maybe  someday I will have my own flip book like Aunt Mark has. 

But in the meantime...... ADS OFF EARTH NOW!

EDIT:  Oh THOSE word balloons... so how come every other thread has word balloons but this one? Huh? 

- 23 Sep 2014

Maybe Patrick and Alix are running a secret contest; whoever figures out what the baloons mean gets to . . .

gets to . . .

Huh.  That's worth another contest !  Who can name the best prize (that wouldn't cost our hosts anything) ?


- 23 Sep 2014

GOOD MORNING..... (SDR is probably still fast asleep, but I bet Mark is already at the thrift store buying another wooden fish)

Another one of my big questions is: WHAT CONSTITUTES "OFF TOPIC"?

Is there not a certain amount of grey area allowed before one is re routed to the off tipic thread?

(and if you have to go somewhere else to post your OFF TOPIC comment, then it is no longer off topic, right?)

So do we just end up with a pile of random, unrelated comments in some corner of the site? 

I mean half the fun of being off topic is CONTEXT.

And it seems to me that there might be more lost than gained if we cant mix in a few of Mark's snappies while discussing whether to sand fiberglass or not. (Maybe that was your point  above, SDR?) The horror of having to tolerate a Mark snappy amidst the sawdust of serious discussion is just too much to bear?)

I dont know.... it might be really hard to face a long thread, knowing you were NEVER EVER going to get one ounce of comic relief along the way. 

I for one, want any discussion to be like a normal conversation, with asides included, some funny, some informative.

I am quite serious about this,

We should have a serious thread about this issue. With NO OFF TOPIC COMMENTS  OR SNAPPIES ALLOWED of course.


- 23 Sep 2014

As we wrote in the thread "forum changes »:

"Off topic » is the place where 'senior' members of DA can discuss various topics that are not directly related to the previous sections. If you want to share your favorite recipes for cocktails, it's here. However topics subject to controversy (politics, religion, etc.) are prohibited."

Since 1998 this forum has generated virtual friendships. What we have tried to offer with this new section is a place where members of Design Addict can chat with each other about other topics that interest them. It is not a reserve where would be confined "bad threads"! And, of course, Mark's snappies and other humorous digressions are always welcome in the other sections of the forum.

In short: use the forum as always, but if you would like to launch specific threads about wine, cuban cigars or whatever which is not related to design, art or architecture, feel free to do it in the "off topic" section.

We hope that these explanations will reassure everybody.

- 23 Sep 2014

Ah.  Got it.  As always, examplary explanationas for whatever mysteries the universe (of DA) might hold.

Another three cheers for Patrick and Alix -- who must really be wondering, about now, why they ever thought running a design website would be a fun thing to do !

Nice to know that Mark can burst forth with a snappie at any ol' time and place. Let the games . . . continue !


- 23 Sep 2014

And thank you for your patience with me Patrick and Alix!

You have demonstrated far more patience than I did with my little rant. I do appreciate it, and I will surely grow to love the new setup at some point soon.

And I now see that the balloons are our friends. No, REALLY!  

I am also relieved to hear that all thngs off topic and snappy are still as they were. Your re assurance is much appreciated. 

I have a much more than casual interest in many of our most serious design topics. But I guess I still felt a little guilty about being a serial "off topic" offender at times.

So I am very happy to hear your response.

Thanks again and thank you for giving the world such an incredible gift!

- 26 Sep 2014

Congrats on the new toy Robert, and good luck on the "double learninhg curve".

One learning curve at a time is definitely all I can take... 

- 27 Sep 2014


Testing here. In the official Mark's testing thread.

ps: The ABC (Check Spelling) is a very good one, for those of you with a bad English ;-)

- 27 Sep 2014


  • 2hs


  • to edit....

It was obvios...

Will force to think twice.

- 27 Sep 2014

Who knew that Filters would become a way of life for me . . . !

Fully filtered and loving it -- SDR

- 27 Sep 2014

And SDR: Now is confirmed, you are the DAforum champion, with 5394 posts at the moment. I think this deserves some kind of trophy, or something....

- 27 Sep 2014

Oh, gad.  I didn't notice.  That makes three design fora where I am top poster, numerically; there must be something wrong with me.  Too much time on my hands, as a retiree ?  A Big Mouth ?  Hmm . . .

Others here, including you, dear Gustavo, have certainly contributed more useful and thought-provoking (not to say poetic) information that have I.  Quality vs. quantity ?

Our missing friend Koen used to apologize for the length of his posts.  Too bad -- they were some of the most informative words anyone has posted here.  I hope he will return to the fray, at least when the conversation provokes sufficiently or the rest of us are sufficiently stumped about something to need professional help !


- 28 Sep 2014

Noooaaaa!! Three design forums where you are the top poster.... Wow...really?!!!

That's a world record I think... We should write to Guiness....!!! Quality and Quantity!


By the way, quality an quantity, should work on the design philosohy, just in case DcWilson visit us again.

- 28 Sep 2014

I am totally digging the "first unread" button.  No more scrolling down to find where I left off last time!  Thanks, Patrick & Alix!

- 28 Sep 2014

So many little percs.  The posts in each thread are now numbered, for instance . . .

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