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Congrats, Gustavo (Off Topic)

Off topic
- 12 Apr 2009 -
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Your countryman, Senor Cabrera, is beating the pants off America's Son, Mr. Woods, at the Masters. Anyone else glued to the TV? Sorry, P & A, for inserting current news, but, um, it's the Masters.


- 13 Apr 2009

Thanks..., but... I'm not...
Thanks..., but... I'm not one of those glued to the TV. I'm in Punta del Este right now, That's provably just the reason.
America's Son, Mr. Woods, at the Masters...?????, I'm intrigued...
Do you have a link?
Thanks anyway


- 13 Apr 2009

Gustavo seems about as interested in golf...
as Tiger is in tipping...

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