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- 23 Sep 2015

Hi Lunchbox!

Long time no see…

I hope things are okay with you.

Other than a broken ankle this summer, I'm fine. Just getting back to normal after 2.5 months in a cast. Blew my whole summer, but now I feel good again cause I'm FREE!
I hope your summer was more interesting than mine.

When I saw your comment on the other thread today, I was thinking that maybe our trollish friend did perform a valuable service after all-- in that he POSSIBLY helped inspire you to come off of the sidelines. I was away for a bit too, and I'm not even sure why. (Small type seems like a lame excuse now…)

We both have had a bit of the troll in us at different times, so perhaps its fitting to come back to the forum over a nice kabob!

Welcome back.

PS It's NOT a table-- its part of the sculpture.

- 23 Sep 2015

Strange that. I broke my ankle just about a year ago. Went through the cast and all that as well. Horrible stuff. Works now thankfully.

I'm always up for a kebab. Especially delicious whilst sitting at my Noguchi pedestal furniture craft thingy.

- 23 Sep 2015

Glad you're mended already, but sorry you had to go through that. I had no idea.

By the way, I am honored that you consider me an "old timer" even in jest , but in truth, I've only been around for a few years…

Who are the REAL old timers you hope to hear from? I know a good number of the regulars here definitely qualify as authentic DA old timers…

And what is YOUR excuse for being such away for so long? No pressure…

- 23 Sep 2015

Now if my memory isn't failing, It is my understanding that DA "old timer" SDR continues to criss-cross the USA in an older model Chevrolet Bel Air in search of autographs from American TV personality Rose Marie. His collection is vast, to say the least. Luckily he does continue to post on the forum between small town visits, but it isn't easy. So if any of you design poodles happen to have such an autograph (or a hair bow), please forward it so that he will come home. I miss him, and so do the chickens.


Aunt Mark

- 23 Sep 2015

You don't half start in do you, EH. But perhaps that's why I consider you a member of the old brigade. Your directness both in message and involvement from the start made it feel like you'd always been around.

In hindsight perhaps I should've said "long timers" rather than "old timers" as I think the latter may scare a few away.

And while you say no pressure you've definitely put me on the spot, EH. I won't even attempt to name everyone as I'm certain to leave someone(s) out. But Heath, Riki, koen, Olive, Pegboard, woody and whitespike are just a few along with Mr. Wonderful who just weighed in above. Shockingly I'm even half missing SDR. Proof you can get off the smack but you can never really get off the smack.

I have plenty of reasons to curb my involvement on message boards. But that's neither here nor there. I'll try to weigh in when I can but then I don't see alot of the names I'm used to seeing on the forum.

Now I feel like I need to make a list of the DA elite. Thanks heaps, EH. I think I remember Gustavo making a list at some point...

- 24 Sep 2015

I for one am falling in love all over again. Maybe it's the time of day, here. What time is it there, Mark ?

My collection is anything but complete: I don't have Pee-Wee's bow tie yet.

Could I have been here for 10 years ? Is there a "ten years," still . . . ?

My seal needs coating. What do I do first ?

Of course, Gustavo is a stalwart upstart going back at least a half-dozen years -- or is it longer,
G ?

- 24 Sep 2015

(Edited) Never post buzzed.



- 24 Sep 2015

Nice to see you about, robert. One of the grizzled vets to be sure.

You too, woody. I guess.

- 24 Sep 2015

Hi, Lunch. What a great opportunity for a grudge-free zone -- our very own, at DA. Welcome all. Fond memories, and hopeful wishes for a bright future. Let's have a virtual barbecue (or, festive occasion of your choice) . . .

Who has aspirin ? (Just kiddin'.) I'm happy because I'll be building something tomorrow. No greater pleasure have I . . .

San Francisco sunset just peaked:

- 24 Sep 2015

And hello to you, SDR. A virtual interweb barbecue. I like the sound of that.

- 24 Sep 2015

If we are having a barbecue, count me in! I'll bring some primo craft beer.

- 24 Sep 2015

It is just about Oktoberfest time innit, Peggers.

- 24 Sep 2015

Time for woody to roll out another chicken george painting for halloween?

Or we could talk Rose Marie (for halloween?)

Or we could discuss why the tin woodsman is so creepy?

Or not.

OR-- we go "off topic" in reverse and talk about how the recent Wright auctions of Eames stuff slapped down the MCM market naysayers yet again? It is my sense that the high end is getting a bit higher still, while the more common stuff is perhaps waning a bit.

Or was it just the pedigree and notoriety of the seller of the chair collection, and the museum show resume that made this auction a possible outlier? Who knows. But it beats the tin woodsman.

But then again, even on the low end (on ebay) a SMALL MOUNT 60s seafoam armshell with a large drilled hole in it AND all four shock mounts ripped off went for…………$470? That means someone paid 520 after shipping, and the thing needs time and materials from there to get it right. And even then, you have a repaired chair for about 600.

So that does say something about demand… or at least two crazed bidders? To be fair, the lowest prices for shells on ebay have often been much softer than that. Im not sure what Rose Marie autographs are going for lately. Ill ask Ray.

- 24 Sep 2015

Everything that I have learned in life I've learned from watching The Hollywood Squares on an older television set with toothpick legs. Blond cabinet. no remote. rabbit ear love.


Aunt M.

- 24 Sep 2015

Television is a boon and a bane. I'm fixated, like so many others. But at least I've never paid for the privilege; rabbit-ears is better than a cable bill, says I. And, yes, there are more and more minutes of advertising -- even on the public broadcasting network !

- 25 Sep 2015

So much for going off topic…

So we wait for Lunchbox's list…. and woody's monkey painting…

Remember when Paul Lynde ( of Hollywood Squares center square fame) played a nervous driving instructor with a crash helmet on a "Bewitched" episode? I do. He had to eat a "nerve cookie" to calm himself down during driver training sessions.

Rose Marie was on Dick Van Dyke. At least that show was in black and white. Black and white is more abstract. I like it. For a minute I thought Mark's photo of her was a Chicken George painting.

- 25 Sep 2015

How true. The same photo of Rose Marie, in black and white, brings another whole era and aesthetic into play . . . Lips are black; eyes are black; black hair is Black !

Oh God -- what time is it ?

- 25 Sep 2015

I did acquire a couple more Chicken George pieces, but today I'll share one of my favorite paintings.... Jacques Grinberg - "Swine"

- 25 Sep 2015

Yow. Bacon looks like Rockwell, after that . . . !

- 25 Sep 2015

Thanks woody. I just stopped eating pork today.

No really, just today. I can't deal with the way the animals have to live any longer. Red meat is probably next. After a lifetime, NOW I get all responsible and compassionate. Typical huh. Chicken and Fish have feelings too. How would I like a hook in my mouth ?

Anyway I am getting soft, but that is a very strong painting. You always have a great edge to your curatorial selections. I still like the blank metal "portrait" you showed us awhile back. Thanks for going to the trouble, and we always look forward to more.

Perhaps there will be a sealcoat work by OGD in your collection some day.

- 25 Sep 2015

Tonight's celestial extravaganza ("natural art," for those who can't decide who their favorite painter is ?):

- 25 Sep 2015

Lovely, SDR. It really is trumps. Apparently the moon will bleed Sunday night. Think I may slather myself with mud and dance around a campfire. Bit too much for the DA barbecue that?

- 25 Sep 2015

And woody, as Ball would say...

The eggs goes with the bacon!

- 25 Sep 2015

Howl, baby -- the full moon's on its way, and all's swell with the world.

- 25 Sep 2015

Just saw that sunset from a few miles south of you, SDR, on Skyline between Alice's and Page Mill. The sunsets have been really spectacular recently -- because of the wildfires, I guess.

- 25 Sep 2015

Heh -- yeah, that could be it. Tonight's mackerel sky seemed more like a spontaneous event -- but who knows what the mechanisms might be.
(The Shadow knows . . . HahahahaHAAHAHAHahahahahaha . . . !)

- 25 Sep 2015

I'm still here. Busy with two sets of contractors at the moment, one building two rock retaining walls and a deck and the other fabricating an all glass roof for the pergola over the hot tub.

It's a bit tricky, the glass roof, because we normally get 1.5 to 2 meters of snow every winter which just accumulates and doesn't melt. Unfortunately, it won't be ready for viewing tomorrow night's moon but that's just another First World problem I will have to deal with.

On the positive side, I've been forced to add all kinds of arcane french words to my vocab regarding gutters and retaining walls. Here's pic of the "abri" with it's temporary roof waiting for glass:

- 25 Sep 2015

Hey, Riki ! That's amazing. A sweet exercise in timber framing. Never too soon to hang the antler chandelier, eh ?

- 25 Sep 2015

When you've been married to the same guy for 29 years, a little mood lighting over the hot tub can't hurt, no? (That and a few cocktails).

- 25 Sep 2015

Yes indeed, Riki. I certainly know how that is.

Good to hear you're doing well.

- 26 Sep 2015

Well considered outdoor lighting is definitely worth the effort Riki. Love the low-brightness multi-colored mood lights the most for night lighting outside. (Or even inside!)

I also like letting the eyes adjust to the darkness at night, and sometimes I prefer to have no outside lights on at all -- to better enjoy the evening sky. Or if there is moonlight present, the night landscape can become fairly amazing.

Sometimes going back into the house and turning on a relatively harsh and abrupt light is a real letdown after a great night-time outdoor viewing experience. I hate stuff to end.

Awesome sunsets SDR!

I am not that far away from you either… But on our east-facing hillside, we get the sunrises rather than sunsets. I get up every single day way before dawn just to watch it all happen. Here is this morning's sky, just before sunrise, with a smattering of alto-cumulus…. seems like half the day is gone by the time the sun comes up! (the big tree on the horizon is not really a "leaner"-- must be the camera lens)

Since we are at it, I also love going to sleep to the sounds of crickets on warm summer evenings.

- 27 Sep 2015

Nice, Eameshead. By 9 AM the formation you saw had blown west (?) and grown to a parasol that covered all of San Francisco. No crickets here -- and fewer moths in the evening, I'd say, than before.

My interior lighting is low-level and warm-colored. I like the idea of letting the daylight linger as long as possible, inside and out. Dusk is so lovely -- as is the dawn !

- 27 Sep 2015

Okay -- this is getting monotonous . . .

- 27 Sep 2015

The clouds just continued to accumulate South of my location, I think…. (I am about 15 miles north of San Francisco in a little hippy town) and yes I saw the quick change this morning and took another photo just a few minutes later, below. Even clouds have perspective in them, and this morning it was glaringly obvious in the cloud cover you mentioned.

Hard to beat your sunsets SDR! (But then, there is no such thing as a bad sky!)

- 27 Sep 2015

In the digital gaming world of Minecraft everything is built of cubes -- even the clouds in the sky:

- 27 Sep 2015

Whew. Just in time. Good to see an animated image for a change of pace, huh? We were starting to look like "SceneAmerica" around here.

I like your square modern clouds SDR. They look perfect if you squint. Or even if you don't.

Lunchbox is probably shaking his head about now.

- 27 Sep 2015

I can't take credit for the illustration; someone named Shull did a video of Wright's Storer house in LA. It was a while before I understood that it was modeled in Minecraft, who own the look. (Foliage, even flame, are modeled entirely of cubes of various sizes. Most entertaining. Wish I know how to do it . . .

- 27 Sep 2015

I like clouds.

Sunrise today from the ghetto.


Aunt Mark

- 27 Sep 2015

Good mooring Mark,

Beautiful sunrise! Love those clouds that just hang there.

Is that a pair of dinghies in the foreground? Or is that robert1960 in one of his smaller boats?

It's still pre-dawn dark out west. SDR is not even up yet. He is probably still sleeping one off after another wild night in San Francisco.

- 27 Sep 2015

..... ....... .....

Angry clouds still hang

So much flesh, yet so much skin

Evil in the moon

- 27 Sep 2015

***** ******* *****

angry clouds hover

over SDR at dawn

evil in SF

- 27 Sep 2015


a lone redwood stands

defiant, out on the point

a crow cries foul


mark walks beach each dawn

manatee glisten in his

foamy memory


EDIT: (See below) I can't post any more now Mark! But only because your post below is too damned funny and deserves to just hang there for awhile…. At least until SDR wakes up.

- 27 Sep 2015

Now not that I am one to pass on unsubstantiated "here-say", but I vaguely recall hearing splendid news that SDR and Heath were collaborating on a line of mens fashion ( think lumberjack chic with marabou trim). I personally remembered thinking how seamless the fella's passed on to the sartorial masses a very pretty, yet practical look. Very forward thinking...less is more. The cut of the trousers could make a Queen Anne leg, or even simple toothpick legs look
like Falling Water. I look forward to their success.

Order up,

Aunt Mark

ps a portion of the profits will be donated to the "Sealcoat Over Taliesin West" fund. Shaving optional.

- 27 Sep 2015

Dang. A guy gets no rest, anymore . . .

[Grace Kelly, Tracy Lord in "High Society," slightly shaky, hand shielding eyes, grim but cheerful :] "Good MORNING, everybody -- isn't it a FINE morning ! ! . . ."

Backing up: last night's celestial extravaganza rapidly faded to magenta/charcoal streaks. Festive, in a restrained sort of way -- just like our new men's line ! Available soon at better remaindered outlets everywhere ! (Psst -- where's Heath ? Get me out of here !)

Carry on . . .

- 27 Sep 2015

Sweet view, Robert! I'd be glued so deep into a pair of decent binoculars, that you'd notice permanent rings embedded into and around my upper nasal skin zone.

Best, and focused,

Aunt M.


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