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- 23 Jul 2017 -
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Until now there were only two known photos of the (in)famous Italian designer Gianni Sachetto di Frutta. There's been a lot of chatter about various products possibly attributed to him, but as far as we know the only sure thing is the Speedo Chair. He seems to be coasting on that one. It got him into that 20th Century Designers photo shoot for Playboy, sure---but since then?



- 23 Jul 2017

I just sprayed decent vodka all over my keyboard. out my nose.

oh my god.

Aunt mark

- 23 Jul 2017

Turns out he's around, you just gotta look.

Apparently he was at the Milan Furniture Fair recently. Not clear whether he was exhibiting or not. Wait, no---I'm guessing not, if we are talking about new furniture designs.

Then he got a snack at a local sausage shop...??

- 23 Jul 2017

Dude gets around. This appears to be somewhere very tropical. The ladies like him.

- 24 Jul 2017

Apparently stowed away on a flight to Canada with that cute young PM & fam?

There is a rumor on Canadian chat boards that he tried to sell them a set of Speedo Chairs and they declined, giving the reason that there were young children in the home.

- 24 Jul 2017

adding a photo, in case you don't believe me.

- 24 Jul 2017

Then I'm guessing he crossed over into the US because here he is with a vehicle that can't possibly be un-American, right? Even if it's a VW below.

Also doing some sightseeing? Or simply trespassing...?

- 24 Jul 2017

Hack...cough ...cough again, spit.

goddamn funny.


- 24 Jul 2017

Oh but there's more.

Public fountain in London!

Her Majesty was NOT amused.

- 24 Jul 2017

And last, this selfie in Hamburg. Someone needs to show him how to focus that thing.

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