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Forum glitch? pop-up thing

Off topic
- 22 Apr 2015 -
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Patrick and Alix, I thought there used to be a section for technical issues but I can't find it now.  

This has been happening for a few months now and I've almost asked about it several times before.  Then it seemed to get better but now it's worse again.  This huge window that blocks most of my screen often pops up and I cannot get rid of it no matter what I click on.  Then it just disappears for no known reason, only to pop up again shortly after.  It doesn't appear while I'm typing a message, only when I've clicked on a thread to read...I think.  It seems like mousng over something or other makes it disappear but that something or other seems very random.  If I actually click ON it, I am taken to another page altogether.  At times it's so frustrating that I just leave the forum.  

Is it something I'm doing?  Do I need to update something??




- 22 Apr 2015

Mousing over the top bar pops it up. If you mouse below it it will disappear, however, it appears it covers the entire vertical space of your monitor, so mousing below it may not be possible for you. 

And it drives me nuts too.  It would be much better if it opened on click instead of mouse over, in my opinion.

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