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- 04 Oct 2013

Maybe this can get it back...
Maybe this can get it back on topic with another great Wave from Saporiti.

- 22 Sep 2014

Thanks, Heath -- I really enjoyed those videos.  And I learned more about how woodblock prints are made by the Japanese; it is not often we see blocks being carved and prints taken.   (I wonder why, when the issue of the direction the boats are moving in Hokusai's print was discussed, the narration didn't return to the fact that the original drawing is placed face down on the block, prior to carving . . .)

Also, we learn of the importation of Prussian Blue at the time he was working.  The blues in modern Japanese prints are important to me.

Here is a thread at Wright Chat in which I posted some of these Twentieth-century prints.  The lineage from Hokusai's era seems clear.  I particularly like the nighttime views of Kawase Hasui . . .


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