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Making a mid century atomic ranch door

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- 03 Mar 2016 -
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Started making this today to replace a remuddle door that was put on about 10 years ago.

I have been eyeing doing something but the window lites from crestview are pretty pricy.

But on Monday, driving back home from post office I eyed a old mid century diagonal tri-window door on the curb. The door itself was torn up missing almost the entire bottom side, BUT the Windows where in good shape and removable!

So here is yet another project I am doing before I move to Hong Kong at the end of the month.

The door is a flat panel solid core door from Home Depot. Was 63$ and weighs a ton. Tomorrow I will be trimming the width and height but a tiny amount and cutting the holes for locks and hinges

Making a mid century atomic ranch door


- 03 Mar 2016

Hey difeliciantonio,

Sounds like a great adventure, and don't forget to check in from Hong Kong once you get settled in.

I like the door too. I need a new front door, and you gave me ideas.

Thanks and have a safe trip.

- 03 Mar 2016


I'm diggin' this thread. And I look forward to seeing snappies of the project (before and after).

I do,

Aunt Mark

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