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Queensland Floods (off topic)

Off topic
- 13 Jan 2011 -
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Its been on international news, have never said where I live but I'm actually a Toowoomberite and what you guys would have seen happend about 5 minutes from here, its bad in the supermarkets, power and phones have been choppy and there is now 1 days supply of water left, but that will probabaly be fixed soon. I grew up around Grantham and know the area very well, My familys house and workshop is 5 minutes from there, fortuantely becuase of the landscape the house and sheds are fine, though my niece who was visiting for the school holidays is stuck in another town. It is terrible seeing how close to the bone it was.

I have friends in Brisbane who I presume are ok though I havn't been able to speak to them, I have about a weeks food if I stretch it out, the roads will be fixed before we start eating each other but food is going to be hella expensive, world coal prioces are also expected to rise given the damage to the mining industry here.


- 13 Jan 2011

What a nightmare -- best of l...
What a nightmare -- best of luck to you, Heath.

- 13 Jan 2011

Thanks, I'm glued to the radi...
Thanks, I'm glued to the radio and journos are getting down into the valley, cars and horses are apprantly hanging in trees but the fact the roads been at least partially open is a good thing.

Civilisation feels like a very precious and fragile thing.

- 13 Jan 2011

Keep us
informed, Heath. No reason we shouldn't have a "dose of reality" thread at DA, I think. When was the last time you had this kind of event there, do you know ?

Where is a good place to look online for a good, well-labeled map of the area ?

- 13 Jan 2011

sorry will do later, I just...
sorry will do later, I just saw the first footage of the town, I'm trying to visualise the lay of the land, sickening, I have to get to work and call my folks.

I've seen it flood many times,but never ever like this we used to throw ourselves into the rushing water for fun when we were kids, I don't think anything like that has ever happend in recorded history, gotta run.

- 13 Jan 2011

Right --
Good luck, and let us know what's happening.

- 13 Jan 2011

news from Brisbane
My sister has just returned to her home and found it still standing and undamaged.

She only moved into it before xmas so she is MIGHTLILY releived to have been spared.

I hope you get on allright HEATh and the "humans on the menu" don't become a reality for you.


- 13 Jan 2011

Thanks for the concern,...
Thanks for the concern, things are improving here, in some ways its not as bad as I thought, some food is gettimg through, fortunately for me the food I like isn't very popular.

In other ways its more horrific, A neigbours son is in the police force and not everything is being released to the media, details not necessary.

The water situation has been fixed, and though things are still very bad elsewhere the government and emergency services are doing a sterling job.

- 13 Jan 2011

Good luck Heath. I hope...
Good luck Heath. I hope things continue to improve.

- 13 Jan 2011

Stay safe
Heath, I've a friend from Ungarie now living in Brisbane and she's kept her Facebook connections spellbound as she's been telling the tales. You are so right, civilization is a fragile thing and Mother Nature is an awesome b*tch! I hope humanity figures out that we need to take better care of the earth soon!

Stay safe and be careful!

- 14 Jan 2011

Thanks so much, it is much...
Thanks so much, it is much calmer now and my parents were delivered water yesterday, the stories from the Lockyer Valley keep coming but I am sick of them and I don't mean that in a petty sense.

Worse is happening in Brazil and the shootings in the US havn't gone unnoticed.

I have taken peace for granted for so long.

- 14 Jan 2011

Please take care Heath
Having had too close brushes with natural disaster (floods, tornados & hurricanes) I know the toll they can take. Even for those who don't suffer the catastrophic loss of life or home. It's still a very stressful experience and I hope you remember to look after yourself as you help your friends, family and neighbors.

- 18 Jan 2011

So sorry
for every tragic moment, and it continues!

I suffered through Igor in sept. Stranded, and taking care of elder
neighbors, got quite sick and dehydrated. Boiling water is not very
appealing. Days before we got proper supplies. In my case no one knew.
The worst disaster in recorded history on the coast of Newfoundland.

(good thing my home is furnished because i could give a rats-ass about
decoration lately) But slowly getting back...though i will never forget.

- 20 Jan 2011

What's going on down under...
What's going on down under with the flooding, Heath. Strangely enough, the US media has not been reporting much on it recently, at least where I'm from.

Couple weeks ago the local paper ran a story that said the situation was reaching Biblical proportions, and then nothing further, which might mean the waters are receding, or Nietzsche was right.

- 21 Jan 2011

Things are almost back to...
Things are almost back to normal in Toowoomba,some shops are still repairing and replacing carpet etc. The towns in the Lockyer Valley are still pretty bad, the water has receded though. There were some funerals yesterday. The water has now moved south and has hit the state of Victoria. The real problem is the ground is so wet that if it rains much anytime soon it could happen again, we are in a la Nina weather pattern so its very possible.

There is still a huge amount of cleaning up and reconstruction to do in Brisbane and elsewhere, railways washed out etc. Of course politics has come into it now and its all about how it happend that water wasn't released from the major dam weeks ago and how its all going to be paid for.

- 21 Jan 2011

Glad to hear things are impro...
Glad to hear things are improving. Can't fathom how hard that must all be to deal with day after day.

- 22 Jan 2011

I'm in Victoria...well will be
Hi Heath & all

I posted some months ago here about how I'd bought a holiday house in country Victoria and fortunately the floods seem to have bypassed where I bought but it was touch and go last week. Lots of diversions of traffic from around the surrounding areas.

I bought near Hamilton, if you were wondering.

I have my beloved Pastile chair at the front door just in case!

- 25 Jan 2011

thinking of you Aussies
Just wanted you to know that am sending good mojo your way and hoping for the best for you.

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