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Robert1960 and Mark - documentary for you?

Off topic
- 05 Sep 2015 -
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Hey guys--have you seen the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York"? It's been on Netflix for a few years now--I'm sure you know who he is, the iconic street fashion photographer who worked for the New York Times for years. What a guy! So nice, so sweet, and so utterly devoted to his work. And what an unerring eye for fashion in the real world on real people. I thought of you two when I watched it.


- 06 Sep 2015

Greetings Spanky!

Yes, I have seen the documentary. In fact, I saw the man himself last weekend in Newport during the Coaching Club event. He is a living legend, indeed.


Your pal Aunt Mark

- 06 Sep 2015

Oh! I was meaning to look up whether he was still kicking! Good to know.

What an interesting man and what a fascinating life. I would never have thought that someone with that talent traveling in those circles would work and live the way he does, or to be so kind-hearted.

I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates style. His tiny living quarters were filled with files upon files of photos he'd taken (he slept on a pallet on top of file cabinets) but the way he could spot a stylish person on the

- 08 Sep 2015

Thanks Spanky, its one of my favourite documentaries! I insist my students see it.

(I can also recommend Iris, a documentary in a similar vein about Iris Apfel)

- 09 Sep 2015

thanks for the post, Spanky. I'd always meant to watch this, and now I finally did - I thought it was quite moving. What a wonderful man.

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