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- 18 Sep 2014

Flattered to have made the cut!

- 19 Sep 2014

here, but feeling a little disconcerted.

- 19 Sep 2014

Man this is T H I N type.

OH okay.

Im on the "one time only" password change and sign in.

I DO hope that I get to come back someday.


- 19 Sep 2014

I'm here!  Without my asterisks!  No longer an afterthought!  haha


- 19 Sep 2014

Greetings to all!

This is sort of like watching the "Wizard of Oz" (blazed)...the part where the film changes from black and white to full technicolor!



Aunt Mark


ps I purposly mispeled a werd to sea if splchekk wud luk.


- 19 Sep 2014

Dear Aunt Mark,

I'm beyond excited that there's a whole section now for your snappies.  How long before the first one appears?  I need to clear some space in my schedule.  


spanky (formerly *spanky*)

PS-- bolding?!  and italics!  woohoo!

- 19 Sep 2014


So many thanks to lief, patrick and alix for making this happen.  

Best and Impressed,

Aunt M.


- 19 Sep 2014

Present and accounted for.  I AM LOVING being able to scroll over the thread title and seeing the first line of text.  It's like screening calls!

- 21 Sep 2014

Ah -- there it is.  The Add a Comment bar wasn't showing up, for me.  

Hi, evabody.  Happy Sunday !  Let's give Patrick and Alix another three cheers . . .


- 21 Sep 2014

Not sure if I was, or where I was exactly. Still trying to find my way around the new site design, but I'm sure there are many improvements.

- 22 Sep 2014

We noticed that some users who had received authorization to access the Off Topic section could not access it because of the ( ) surrounding the reference to their country (the new system doesn't like special characters in the user names) .
If you are a regular DA member and have faced difficulties to access this part of the forum, please retry, it should work now.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if it’s not working.

- 23 Sep 2014

While we're getting to know the new DA, maybe someone could decipher those cute little word-balloon icons for me ?  Is there a key somewhere that I've missed ?



- 23 Sep 2014

This thread, for instance, doen't have one.  Maybe that's a clue ?


- 24 Sep 2014

I have shucked the constraints of the parentheses.

Thanks, P & A.

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