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Woodworkers here, 2.25 HP hand router issues. Any help?

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- 21 Dec 2015 -
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I am having issues with my porter cable 8902 2.25 horsepower router.

When I turn it on there is slight hesitations now and also the a strong electrical smell. I didn't stress It out

I am about to take it apart and see what's up but could it be the electric motor brushes? I wouldn't think it would be bearings as that wouldn't make a electrical smell

Any help much appreciated


- 21 Dec 2015

I would guess you have burned out a coil. I think this would cause hesitation on start up, which would vary depending on whether the rotor is near or far from the bad coil.

Possibly something could be wrong with one of the brushes.

Generally that "electrical" smell is from overheated insulation. If it is a bad coil it would be overheated shellac.

- 22 Dec 2015

one again leif, you are right.

there is a burnt part on the coil where some of the insulation is now missing. none of the wires are melted. is this something that can be repaired or do i need to spend the 80$ for a new Armature Motor part

i post pic once i get the top collect off so i can separate the Armature from bottom case

- 22 Dec 2015

The coil is copper wire with a shellac-like insulation. When the wire overheats from too much current passing through, it melts the insulation (this is the smell and the smoke), then the wires touch and short out. The the electrons have to follow the specific path of the wire in order for the electromagnet to work, so the new shorted path won't provide the right effect.

Basically, you would need to re-wrap the coil. Generally this is considered to be too much work to be worthwhile. But on the other hand, there is no magic to it. It is just copper wire of a certain gauge wrapped a certain number of times and then connected to the leads at either end.

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