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A bit off topic, but important

Off topic
- 18 Nov 2010 -
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I have been using Google Chrome as my browser for a while now since it was SO much faster than MS:IE which runds like a 3-legged dog. BUT! I was hacked a couple of days ago by a particularly virulent, data-mining trojan that actually got one of my credit card numbers and was well on its way to making a mess out of my life.

This nasty thing slipped in via Chrome's toolbar of al lthe things and it also evaded detection by my protection software. My hard drive is going to have to be reformatted to get rid of it!

So, I want to warn anyone using Chrome to be very careful!


- 18 Nov 2010

was it something you opened...
was it something you opened ? any idea how you came to be hacked ?

I dont get the via the toolbar bit you mentioned.

- 18 Nov 2010

Trust me, neither do I, really
But the Geek Squad (a commercial IT service here in the US)people told me it entered via something called a 'browser hacker' and it attaches to your browser toolbar when you do something like save a site to your favorites. Very sneaky, very innocuous and very nasty!

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