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- 18 Dec 2014 -
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Does your taste in desgn spread outwards in similar ways? What food, music and books do you enjoy?

Numan is a current favourite for me. 

Merry christmas everyone, I expect a signed copy of Replicas in my post box, cheers!


- 19 Dec 2014

And now for something completely different.

I think that's one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever and I have loved it ever since I had to analyze it in music theory class in college a long time ago.  Stravinsky's Rite of Spring is probably the piece that has most blown my mind on the most occasions.  

I have lots of favorite foods but right now I'm looking forward to our traditional Danish Christmas dinner---yum!

- 19 Dec 2014

I'm pigging out on Bach, on YouTube. All those delicious recordings of the cantatas, made 15 to 40 years ago, by Richter and Hononcourt and Koopman and Herrewege. Current fave: #124. At least three different performances are available, side by side . . .

And, I just discovered Rex Stout. My crime detection needs are met for the next few months, at least !

- 19 Dec 2014

Bach is amazing, it was only a couple of years ago that it hit me.

Ill look up the author, bizaarley all the Rebus novels helped me stop smoking this year.

I can recomend The Windup Girl, it was a blast.

- 19 Dec 2014

I've nearly figured out most of the etudes, but long to play the blues like my friend Luca.


Aunt M.

- 19 Dec 2014

and some Jesus birthday party music, too.  It's all about the holiday blues.  Yup.



Aunt Mark

- 19 Dec 2014

Perfume Genius and Grouper recently released albums which I am digging.

- 19 Dec 2014

I'm enjoying that Perfume Genius album quite a bit too. If you like that sort of baroque/glammy stuff, you may dig Jobriath too. Not recent. From the 70s (and obviously following in the wake of Bowie), but by no means a rip-off. His two albums are both really unique and enjoyable. Here's a clip of him in action:


A few more semi-obscure gems that may be appreciated here:


D.R. Hooker - "Forge Your Own Chains". Psychedelic Jesus. Private press from 1972. SUCH a good album


Rexy Music - Don't Turn Me Away. 1981. Funky and a little disjointed. Love the stilted delivery on this one.


Girls - "Methodist Church". This is a late 70s band from Boston called Girls, not the more recent Christopher Owens helmed band (though I like them too). Anyway, this song's a total scorcher and the whole album, Reunion, is great:

- 19 Dec 2014

Wow, The Girls are pretty obscure,  I have a copy of that record, it's great.  They have a tune called "Cubist Grid" 

(I may be a heavy user of the new wave)

modern art-wise, see the artwork on all of the Buzzcocks singles, the graphic design of everything on Factory, kitsch modern design such as on The B52's and GO-GOs record sleeves, all the cut & paste classic punk collage stuff...  

it goes on and on and on

- 20 Dec 2014

Cool! Yeah, that's an album I had to resort to ebay to pick up. I've been trying to build my record collection on the cheap, locally, but...I knew that one was going to be a lost cause. And I thought it was a great value at $30. I don't know if you found this through the Mutant Sounds blog like I did, but that (now defunct) blog was amazing and clued me in to so many great things that I likely wouldn't/couldn't have found otherwise. Being a music collector (or collector in general) in the age of the internet and file-sharing is a wonderful thing.

Sidenote - I mistakenly called the second band "Rexy Music". It's just "Rexy" and, to be clear, is not a Bryan Ferry side project.  

- 24 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays!

Is this the official post this year, isn't?


I like this Heat's off topics. That are more on topic manytimes ;-)

And should feel free to say things more freely, I supouse....

I wanted to put "other good scandinavian"

So I post this Vintage Scandinvian.


Not that deep in my ADN, but love the naive-transgrasion (?) and I think fits very well today...

Happy Christmas and great new year for all DAers!


- 24 Dec 2014

my favorit B52s 




- 25 Dec 2014

More harsh new wave suggestions please, I need to irritate my neighbours enough to çonvince them im a psychopath, maybe they will stop putting things in my bins.
Warm leatherette!

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