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- 26 Oct 2009

Thanks !
These are always fun to look at, at least for an old fart like me. Maybe younger readers could tell us how these artifacts strike them.

There must be tons of interesting old photos illustrating our shared cultural anthropology, online. Maybe this thread could serve as a DA repository for whatever can be found by DA readers.

As for these photos, I could provide cut-off dates for most of them, based on the age of the newest automobile(s) in each shot. And it would be fun to see how many of them could be identified as to locale -- since there seems to be no identification. A contest, maybe ?

- 26 Oct 2009

I can identify all the photo locales , SDR--
Photo #1: Fifth Avenue & 8th Street, NYC
Photo #6: Surf Avenue & 8th Street, Coney Island, NY
Photo #20: 42nd Street & 7th Ave, NYC

The rest (according Saul Steinberg's map, which I had to consult) are located somewhere between the Hudson River and the Pacific.

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