Your Dashboard

Free tracking tools offered by DesignAddict to optimise the user experience

Each registered user has a personal dashboard and a set of tools to facilitate management of their DesignAddict activities.
Your dashboard is accessible at the top right of each page when you are logged in.



My watch list *free

You want to keep all your resources and monitoring in one place?
Click the star icon next to the item you are looking at to add to your watch list:

  • Add items for sale that interest you
  • Add forum posts that captivate you
  • Add blog posts to read later
  • Add resources from the atlas

Then find all your watch list content with 1 click!

My items for sale *free

Do you have items for sale on our «Buy & Sell» Marketplace?
Quickly find all your listings

  • Add new listings
  • Edit your existing listings
  • Delete a listing
  • Mark an item as sold

My favorite sellers *free

Do you wish to follow the inventory of your favourite sellers?

  • Add your favourite sellers to your watch list by clicking the star icon on their pages
  • Quickly access a preview of their listings
My contributions *free

Have you posted in the Atlas, Blog or Forum?
Find your contributions in one click and edit or delete them

My announcements *free

As an advertiser, quickly find all your announcements:

  • Add new announcements
  • Edit your existing announcements
  • Delete your old announcements


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