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16 Sep 2014

Pierre Paulin not only...
Pierre Paulin not only designed highly original

15 Sep 2014

Walmart exploit workers
Walmart have an international reputation for busting unions

28 Aug 2014

Heard of Organic?
We already don't need toxic sprays. We have

13 Jul 2014

The practice of copying was...
The practice of copying was rife in the mid-century

12 Jul 2014

A knock-off will always be a...

12 Jul 2014

My Robin Day 658 chair has a...
My Robin Day 658 chair has a John Stuart metal

07 Jul 2014

1950's lamp designed by John and Sylvia Reid.
Simple, elegant and functional.

15 Jun 2014

Thanks Eameshead for the tip...
Thanks Eameshead for the tip on the Bacon

12 Jun 2014

Couldn't agree more Eameshead.
That's a gem about Bacon. I saw a retrospective

12 Jun 2014

The Mid-Century fad has...
The Mid-Century fad has peaked and I hope