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14 Feb 2017

Our apologies for this long week-end outage! We obviously experienced serious technical problems that couldn't be resolved faster because the companies involved were closed during the weekend.


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16 Oct 2018

Dear Lucy,
We just talked on the phone about this issue and we are sorry for this bad experience...

27 Nov 2017

Hi everyone, the search field will be back soon and visible on your iPad.

17 Feb 2017

We get good results with this product:

09 Jan 2017

Merci d'avoir partagé ça avec nous.

24 Dec 2016

Season’s greetings everyone!
Thank you all for making this forum such a rich and generous place!

22 Dec 2016

Thank you very much Kate! Very interesting catalog.

15 Dec 2016

OK here is a recap. We are located in Europe (Belgium).

Our visitors comes from the whole world.