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14 Feb 2017

Our apologies for this long week-end outage! We obviously experienced serious technical problems that couldn't be resolved faster because the companies involved were closed during the weekend.


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27 Nov 2017

Hi everyone, the search field will be back soon and visible on your iPad.

17 Feb 2017

We get good results with this product:

09 Jan 2017

Merci d'avoir partagé ça avec nous.

24 Dec 2016

Season’s greetings everyone!
Thank you all for making this forum such a rich and generous place!

22 Dec 2016

Thank you very much Kate! Very interesting catalog.

15 Dec 2016

OK here is a recap. We are located in Europe (Belgium).

Our visitors comes from the whole world.

15 Dec 2016

40% America, 40% Europe, 10% rest of the world.

07 Dec 2016

We use this product with good results: HG plastic garden furniture restorer.